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where to live in Kunming ?

Corto (9 posts) • 0

Hi everybody, i m new in Kunming and i m looking for advice concerning where to live.
If anyone has tips concerning any good serviced apart hotel with modern rooms in a nice area, please do share

Thanks in advance

YuantongsiYuantongsi (716 posts) • 0

If you tell us the area you will work or study or want to spend most of your day times then we can let you know. Kunming is not so easy to get around so living near the place you need to be is important.

Long-Dragon (390 posts) • 0

Corto, Sent you a PM. I do not know why my post was removed. Seriously look at the old posts. If you need more and answer my simple questions previously posted I will try to add to them. I will not participate in a post that turned into what it did. Its a total waste of time.

Peter99 (1246 posts) • 0

You may want to add how long youd be planning to stay. If you are going to stay half year or more, you might want to rent a place yourself. For 2500-3000Yuan/month you can get a quite nice place. Im just saying this as if youd choose that Nissi place above, the expenses there would be double.

Be aware that no matter how nice the appartment is it will gradually fall apart. Everything. Also be aware that plenty agencies do tricks. Finally, ...well, after the first earthquake will make your lamps dangling while you live up at 22nd floor, then after that you will have higher stress levels at home, or so. Otherwise fairly straightforward. You should register at cops, although these days they seem surprisingly lax.

Corto (9 posts) • 0

Thank you all for your constructive answers, kinda expected that when I started the thread but seems that trolls needed to be fed first.

Actually, I visited Nissi hotel and, not to sound snooty, but I m looking for something of a higher standard.

- 1 year rental
- Area doesnt matter as long as its close to a subway and supermarket ( beichen, baiyun lu are nice areas, would like to know more places like that )
- 1 or 2 rooms ( no studio )
- Western style ( no wooden sofa or red/yellow kitchen please :( )
- Preferably a new building
- Budget is not an issue

Oh and by the way, is it true no apartment has AC here ? I know it never gets too hot, but still ...

Thanks :)

Geezer (1930 posts) • 0

Hmm... No mention of squat or sit toilets. Confirms my suspicion that some people have no need to defecate.

tigertiger - moderator (5085 posts) • 0

OP your standards are obviously very high. I don't think that the city, the people, the expat community, the accommodation (short of staying in a 5* hotel), the bars, the welcome you will receive, etc. will be sophisticated enough for you. Perhaps you are better off staying where you are, unless of course you don't fit in there.

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