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Things to see and do near your subway stop.

benannabenanna (14 posts) • 0

I would like to put together an informative guide for things to see and do within a 1 km radius of each subway stop on the Kunming Metro. Any help would be much appreciated. What is there to see and do near your subway stop?

yankee00 (1632 posts) • 0

Sounds like a great idea. This is a similar guide with what's right outside each station on Line 2:[...]

Perhaps you could do the same and stop at each station, but extend the expedition to your desired radius. If you are thinking of publishing an informative guide, it would better and more accurate if you are the one seeing what's there to do in person.

AlPage48 (1210 posts) • 0

I live near Linyuqiao station. The above link notes the north Wal-Mart (it's at exit C). Perhaps more important now is the new Calmette International Hospital and Sanford Pediatric Clinic at exit B.

benannabenanna (14 posts) • 0

Beichen Zhan: Prague Cafe, Irish Bar (O'Reilly's), Metro, Cacao (Mexican Restaurant), Wicker Basket, KFC, Pizza Hut, Burger King...

Alien (3819 posts) • 0

Best way, most interesting and most fun, may be ust to go out & walk around a lot - 'things to do' is a bit vague. Asking people in the neighborhood may also help.

AlexKMG (2362 posts) • 0

Things to do is not vague. I'd contribute if I lived near a finished stop. Be a bit more helpful. I don't disagree that getting out to explore is fun, but if you can avoid wasting effort and time by ending up at a stop like Dazzer mentioned, then so much the better.

opper (52 posts) • 0

I'll bite. I've been to several stops for various chores and a bit of exploring.

Nearby Chuanxin Gulou is a restaurant that sells dog meat on the intersection of Beijing Rd and Doufuchang (haven't eaten there, but kind of an exotic thing some reader might want to do). There's also a walkway market near the bridge connecting to Yuantong temple. If you keep walking to the right there's a neat little street which has older style homes and stores.

Dongfeng Guangchang obviously has a whole strip of shopping malls, but the Holiday Inn with some fine dining options is just a little bit more up DongfengDong Rd near the intersection with Baita Rd and there is a nice little park by the Panlong River.

The Vietnamese consulate is in a building called Hongta Dasha which is near the Huancheng Nanlu Subway stop.

Taking the subway to get to the train station is equally easy from the Huancheng Nanlu stop and the Kunming Huoche Zhan stop because if you go to the subway stop for the railway station proper is behind the station and there is a convoluted path for entry.

Near the Erji Lu stop there are two consulates - Myanmar and Laos.

If you go down to Xinyazhou Tiyucheng obviously there's that whole Xinyazhou Tiyucheng complex but on the opposite site there is a small Yi village called Zijuncun which still has some old and traditional buildings if that is your cup of tea.

Nanbu Keyun Zhan: A massive bus station with buses going to Jinghong, Mengla, Mohan and other places southwest-ish

From Dounan you can go to "Chenggong Laojie" by bus (look for Chenggong Guangchang). Its not quite as close as OP suggested, but its a really neat little old strip of mostly Huizu shops and houses; probably what Kunming looked like 20 years ago minus the occasional speaker boxes.

The universities and couple of government buildings are further south. Also the buses are not so reliable the further south you go.

The Dudeson's (1106 posts) • 0

an awesome idea.

bar food:
camel bar
hump hostel
a lei
lost garden hostel

shopping:...golden eagle plaza &hotel
-including a variety of food places around the mall
-nanping jie

for families w. kids:
-Parkson Mall playcenter inside the arcade is the best and cleanest so far.
-Cuihu Green Lake
-a baby supply shop with free delivery service. behind the chunsheng shopping mall. opposite the pappa johns and kfc, next (a few doors south) to the muslim place.

something like this for families with young kids would be awesome.

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