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Forums > Travel Yunnan > A mess in the kunming zoo

The zoo doesn't appear to be going anywhere. There is a new redevelopment project for the elephant enclosure. The zoo was supposed to close down with the hill converted to a large people only space. Both myself and a colleague use the zoo for introducing students to animal psychological issues with regards to captivity. It is apparent that many of the animals suffer from 'zoochosis' to some degree.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Swimming pool / 游泳场

Heated swimming pool at the terminus for the bus between Kunming and Anning Hot Spring Valley 安宁温泉。 50 , clean and uncrowded. 1 hour trip from Kunming Xiao Ximen 小西门 coach station 8



Updating travel information for this location. You can take a bus direct to Haikou from the Xiao Ximen bus depot for 12 yuan. It takes 1 hour. From Haikou a tuktuk takes you 15 minutes for 10 yuan to the park entrance.


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