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Forums > Living in Kunming > Reasons to be cheerful

as the ian dury song goes, reasons to be cheeful 1 2 3.

im getting some use out of clothes at the back of the wardrobe, not good enough to wear in public, but not worn out enough to throw away
its quiet
no pollution from cars

Forums > Living in Kunming > Keep Calm and Carry on

couriers always go back to work, on paper, after the spring festival, but things are still messed up for a while. different parts of the courier chain stopped work at different times before the hols so where things are in the supply chain is messed up. there will be a backlog, and guess what, it is not first in first out. it is usually the ones closest to the door first out after a holiday. some orders won't be fullfilled until the suppliers go back on the 9th. and even there there will be a backlog. some supply chain workers just have not been able to get back to work yet. normally for cny things get messed up, this year especilly so. no surprises or need for concern.

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best you consult your employer on the money thing. then budget according to what they say they are going to do. even if the employer is not doing what they should do, you will struggle to get what they don't wanna give. you might get it later, but in the meantime you gotta eat.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Keep Calm and Carry on

the seagull are wild animals and manage to feed themselves on journeys to and from siberia, and during thier life in russia without our help. i think they will survive. but if it helps keep you calm, carry on.


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travel for business more needed by globalization but less needed in the connected world. travel for mind and spirit does not need to be by air. air travel is feed by and in turn feeds bucket lists. how many cities in the world are being damaged by tourism now? frickin loads mate. how many people are travelling to paris who have not even visited the next province?

watched it, seems like the problem is chinese obsession with sex that is destroying the culture, not western who is just voyeurs. seemsmaybe like certain ex colony gentlman has a problem with westerners



Swedish design ideas, kunming build quality. i have bought lots of ikea stuff in the past, the furniture at #11 are poor facsimiles of genuine item. Yes stuff is affordable, but poorly made and overpriced in my opinion. we took a good look around and looked closely at build quality and walked away.


It might be worth identifying which Prague venue you are reviewing.

When I first arrived in Kunming I did a tour of Wenlin Jie. I did't like the look of Prague.
More recently I have used Prague in Beichen a lot and I like it.

Ref the comment @nonsecond about being made sick from raw apple, WTF?