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agree with cloudtrapeezer, rare. unless it is new policy affecting expats, then discussion on here is outside scope of gokunming. can serve no useful purpose, but potentially draw negative attentions from outside. if you think gokunming and all other forums are not being watched think again


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do i trust the motives and reasononing of myown government at the moment? do i think they know what they are doing? probly a lot less than i do the chinese gov at the moment, esp given the recent purges



Swedish design ideas, kunming build quality. i have bought lots of ikea stuff in the past, the furniture at #11 are poor facsimiles of genuine item. Yes stuff is affordable, but poorly made and overpriced in my opinion. we took a good look around and looked closely at build quality and walked away.


It might be worth identifying which Prague venue you are reviewing.

When I first arrived in Kunming I did a tour of Wenlin Jie. I did't like the look of Prague.
More recently I have used Prague in Beichen a lot and I like it.

Ref the comment @nonsecond about being made sick from raw apple, WTF?