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  • NamePrague Café (Wenlin Jie)
  • Address40-5 Wenlin Jie, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 65332764
  • Hours8:30am-midnight
  • HAPPY HOURLunch: 11:30-2am
    Teatime: 2-6pm
    Cocktails: 6pm-midnight
    Half-price cakes: 8pm-midnight
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Prague Café (Wenlin Jie) • 40-5 Wenlin Jie

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Prague cafe used to be my favourite cafe in Wenlin area but I went for lunch there today after a few months away and it's really gone downhill (new owners?). The menu was a photocopy, the food was lacklustre and much more expensive than before, the decor was dull and the service so-so. I won't be back there anytime soon.


Nice atmosphere and cosy but the western food is bad. I think they deep-fry the burgers. As a cafe - 4 stars (service is a little bit lacking at times), coffee and cakes etc are good. As a restaurant, 2 stars (western food is too bad, asian food is mamahuhu).


Went to Prague on Wenlin jie tonight, it was not so bad, I had the tuna melt panini, however it wasn't a panini it was just regular toast. It did taste good though. Also I had a lemon ice tea. Cosy seating, nice area. I will probably go back.


A very decent place although I can just talk about the atmosphere and the mango juice I had.
They do respect the no smoking rule downstairs (very rare in Kunming, even at Starbucks a staff member couldn't persuade a customer to put out his cigarette!), the music is pleasant and the staff are much more professional and welcoming than at most places here.
The toilet is reasonably clean (but there is a notice saying that it is for "small business" only:-) and recommends a public toilet nearby for any other purpose).