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Forums > Living in Kunming > owners association?

well, with all this info I have to guess that we have a "management company" ie waters the flowers (and interesting to read what lemon wrote about the mgt company renting out illegal parking spots - id guess same happens us). And also would seem we do not have a residents committee at all, which is really wierd. So if the building needs a new roof, tough luck for the guy on the top floor? :)
In our case some water pipe was blocked on the street. all the apartments flooded one by one. meaning, first the guy on top had water flowing up out of his toilet. So he got some guy to clean the pipe (HIS pipe) for 150. Few hours later the next floor down got flooded, another 150. And so on every few hours until every apartment was flooded and derived of 150. Then somebody came and unclogged the pipe on the street. No serious damage, but wtf?

Root cause, cooking oil.

Forums > Living in Kunming > owners association?

We have an apartment in KM and theres a wuye. I always thought the wuye was an owners association but seems like their only responsibility is watering the flowers and some cleaning.

So I'm trying to find out, to no avail so far, if theres usually anything like an owners association in apartment buildings in china/km. Like, for example, a group that can discuss renovations to shared utilities and facilities.
Any knowledge on this topic, anyone?

Forums > Living in Kunming > get the money and run home to momma

thinking about selling up and getting out for good. We're looking at a gross profit about

1million, but no idea what that amounts to after taxes, fees etc and how to get it out of china.

if we were to do the opposite, ie sell in europe, we'd realize a taxbill of about 30%. How does it work in China? I realize that any stories in this forum are anecdotal :)

Forums > Living in Kunming > Raising a child in Kunming

"learning native Chinese" in my view is not a sufficient reason to educate a child in China. I am trilingual and in my youth it did allow me to apply for menial jobs in a few countries. fruit-picking and table-waiting etc. For professional and international life, really fluent English, even with a thick scottish accent, is infinitely more important than any number of tribal languages.

Anyhow, google and tencent already have instant universal translators on the way so languages are obsolete and only interesting for historical reasons.

education is a huge scam and a waste of money, the only exception is Hogwarts (my alma-mater). Otherwise, I'd say find the cheapest possible (ie move to europe if possible).

And i almost forgot the reason i began to write in the first place: connecting to an earlier post, i saw a tv reality-show from china where indeed the teachers (default profession in china for anyone who isnt capable of anything) took every opportunity to single out the foreign kid. That child clearly had behavioral issues and probably did not turn out to be a happy camper. He was a ginger, too, poor little fella.


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We cant live our lives without commodities futures. If you cant guarantee the future price, the farmer is forced to speculate and might grow something else instead, leading to unmanageable swings in supply and demand.
Rare earth metals, however..might be a bit of a bubble? Could be that some people buy it just because its rare. Maybe this stuff so rare that it has no practical use.

Sounds like a similar activity I did in South Africa a while back.. Very cool :)

has anyone else read Herbery Allen Giles books? he has an interesting analysis of traffic culture 100 years ago. everyone gives way to the man with the load. its one of the very few things that have changed since he wrote his books.



been there several times, very satisfied every time. menu has classics like fish n chips, bolognese, pizzas etc. very tasty, at good prices.


Friendly staff and good service, food and prices are ok. No complaints but its nothing special either, and not worth a visit unless you live closeby.


Nice atmosphere and cosy but the western food is bad. I think they deep-fry the burgers. As a cafe - 4 stars (service is a little bit lacking at times), coffee and cakes etc are good. As a restaurant, 2 stars (western food is too bad, asian food is mamahuhu).


"All the Meat" only had about 3 slices of salami on it, so maybe i got the wrong order. Anyway, leaving that aside - soggy bread, ketchup as tomatosauce, and cheese was probably from a tube.
Potato wedges soggy as well.
I left half my meal, the only thing up to scratch was the coke and the service. Will not be back.


If the name of the shop is written in english then they should speak english, yes! A pokey shithole trying to give the impression of a quaint li'l ole bookshop. Pig-ignorant staff, never been greeted with a smile there, nor even greeted. If you must shop here, bring your own bag. 1 star earned for selection and the (for me) convenient location.