Small shop with large selection of Chinese fiction and non-fiction, Chinese-language study materials and English, French and German fiction and non-fiction books

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Mandarin Books • Buildings 9-10, 52 Wenhua Xiang

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Yeah as per other reviews. Expensive, very unfriendly staff and I was followed like I was a cat burglar. Some nice books but I wouldnt be bothered with the place myself.


Went in their Dali branch. Same system. Foreign language books are upstairs and a creepy member of staff follows you up.and shadows you. I will never buy a book there again.


Well maybe the reason why they are still in business is that they guard their books well.
And do you expect a pizza restaurant to speak Italian? Or the staff of the French Café to speak French as well?
In a country in which bookstores are state-shop dominated and the book branch is swallowed whole by internet shops, this is a brave attempt and should deserve some respect.


Book shopping can be such a nightmare in kunming. This one offers some "rare" books and rude staff. How can anyone shop there when you are treated as a potential thief! Surprisingly they are still in business. I'd rather swallow the uprising international postage rates.


The negative reviews here may well be accurate but, to my knowledge, there is simply no other option in Kunming for buying such books.