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@Ouyang I don't think the police here are rude. More like invisible. No doubt you don't want to get on the wrong side of them but cops in the UK are far more in your face. And I'm not even going to start on US cops.


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Weren't there two in Huang tu po and didn't the bigger, more interesting one close ages ago? Or is my memory playing tricks? I went to the littler one fairly recently. Stuff was mainly formica as usual. Whatever - the blanding of the world continues. Another step forward for civilization.



Great location and music. The food is always a well thought out mix of flavours - the French apple tarts are to die for. Wonderful place to relax and let a sunny afternoon melt into a warm evening.


Nice bar. The Spanish guy is really friendly but I haven't seen him for a while


Isn't Subway for people who don't really like food but realize they have to eat from time to time?