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Forums > Food & Drink > Yunnan Wine Grapes?

The OP is indeed looking for the grapes of Cizhong. These grapes are not used for large scale wine production but used for local products. (And only red wine).

Large scale commercial production is done with different grapes.

The company is called the Shangri-La winery Co.,Ltd.
Their website is
You will find white wines there as well.
They have a large shop on Qianweixilu between Rixinzhonglu and Hehonglu in the south of Kunming. You will find all their wines there.

Forums > Food & Drink > Yunnan Wine Grapes?

My mistake.
Indeed Cabernet is used for the red wines. They grow now as well Chardonnay up north for white wines.

Don't mix up Shangri-La and Yunnan-Red. Shangri-La uses cold area grapes like Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay and are thus up north and high. They produce quite drinkable reds and whites. Yunnan-Red uses grapes for the hotter lower area around Mile.

Forums > Food & Drink > Yunnan Wine Grapes?

You can find these grapes around the catholic church of Cizhongcun near Deqin on the upper Lancangjiang river.
The priest of the church will offer you some of this wine if you go there. The wine however we got was horrible. The original grapes used there are of the Muscat variety. A type that will not go well with a more modern taste. On top of this their wine making skills are not that good (A lot of wine is stored in plastic Jerrycans). (Yunnan Red has the same grapes and they are used in all kind of cheap Yunnan wines from the Mile area so you can find out how Muscat grapes taste) Lately Muscat is being replaced with Chardonnay in the area. Nowadays Chardonnay is grown in more vineyards in the north of Yunnan and used for Shangri-La wine.


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The times have changed.
The eastward run was as follows:
8861: Kunming Bei to Wangjiaying:
7:31 to 8:39
8862: Wangjiaying to Kunming Bei:
9:24 to 10:34
8839: Kunming Bei to Wangjiaying:
16:50 to 19:35
8870: Wangjiaying to Kunming Bei:
18:28 to 19:35

Shizui station has been closed. I do not know if the westward run still goes and till where.

The passinger service is about to be closed completely but on the otherhand the Narrow Gauge Railway museum is renewed and was suposed to be opened in January. I dont know if this really happened. Will check it out some day.



Well maybe the reason why they are still in business is that they guard their books well.
And do you expect a pizza restaurant to speak Italian? Or the staff of the French Café to speak French as well?
In a country in which bookstores are state-shop dominated and the book branch is swallowed whole by internet shops, this is a brave attempt and should deserve some respect.