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We cant live our lives without commodities futures. If you cant guarantee the future price, the farmer is forced to speculate and might grow something else instead, leading to unmanageable swings in supply and demand.
Rare earth metals, however..might be a bit of a bubble? Could be that some people buy it just because its rare. Maybe this stuff so rare that it has no practical use.

Sounds like a similar activity I did in South Africa a while back.. Very cool :)

has anyone else read Herbery Allen Giles books? he has an interesting analysis of traffic culture 100 years ago. everyone gives way to the man with the load. its one of the very few things that have changed since he wrote his books.



been there several times, very satisfied every time. menu has classics like fish n chips, bolognese, pizzas etc. very tasty, at good prices.


Friendly staff and good service, food and prices are ok. No complaints but its nothing special either, and not worth a visit unless you live closeby.


Nice atmosphere and cosy but the western food is bad. I think they deep-fry the burgers. As a cafe - 4 stars (service is a little bit lacking at times), coffee and cakes etc are good. As a restaurant, 2 stars (western food is too bad, asian food is mamahuhu).


"All the Meat" only had about 3 slices of salami on it, so maybe i got the wrong order. Anyway, leaving that aside - soggy bread, ketchup as tomatosauce, and cheese was probably from a tube.
Potato wedges soggy as well.
I left half my meal, the only thing up to scratch was the coke and the service. Will not be back.


If the name of the shop is written in english then they should speak english, yes! A pokey shithole trying to give the impression of a quaint li'l ole bookshop. Pig-ignorant staff, never been greeted with a smile there, nor even greeted. If you must shop here, bring your own bag. 1 star earned for selection and the (for me) convenient location.