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what ya want?

bongzilla (11 posts) • 0

good stiff cocktails are the cornerstone of any real bar, make 'em strong -- people will pay more if they know they're getting more. as for beers, try to get a wider selection than is generally available in km.

regular specials or promotions, ie margarita mondays or ladies' nights would probably be well-received.

occasional live music (with space for an audience/dancing) would be nice too. as far as in-house music goes, try to venture off the beaten path.

when do you open?

mingus72 (4 posts) • 0

A fubar rep has been in town for the past week seeking suitable premises to open a branch here. It has been a gruelling week and not easy. It has been difficult to find somewhere that is at least 400 and not more than 600 square meters.

Does anyone know of any suitable premises? If so, this information would be much appreciated. We are ideally looking for a 2 floor building, each floor being ca 250sqm. outside seating area, unfurnished (preferably), in a reasonable location and needless to say as cheap as possible rent wise.

The sooner we secure premises the sooner we can open.

All help welcome.

mingus72 (4 posts) • 0

Can anybody tell me what the craic is with Wei's place? Does it do well, what's the food like, atmosphere etc?

Bernie (101 posts) • 0

I have just returned from Shanghai where, in a decent, genuine, Indian restaurant, the manager told of his interest in opening a restaurant in Kunming. Being a foreigner, he would need a Chinese investor for a joint venture. If you know of an interested party, please let me know.

vicar (817 posts) • 0

How times have changed since bongzilla (above) 9 years ago was asking for a wider selection of beers in kunming and other stuff. I think the bars we have now in Kunming offer great service, food, drinks and special offers.

Alien (3819 posts) • 0

Really good bloody marys, with all the possible ingredients, which you can add as you please, especially on Saturdays and Sundays from, say, 11AM well into the afternoon.

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