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yahoo mail and china

Alien (3819 posts) • 0

Don't know, Gompo, was reading mine there as usual 3 weeks ago.
Fox who - Mulder? Perhaps it's a conspiracy.

AlPage48 (1371 posts) • 0

Everyone I know with Yahoo has problems. Gmail too.
I switched to Outlook but Micro$oft is starting to piss me off too, although it does seem to be very stable.

Liumingke1234 (3297 posts) • 0

I don't have any problems. I use Yahoo's android 'Yahhoo mail' app.

faraday (213 posts) • 0

I think it depends on which App you use and where you downloaded it from. QQ Mail app (on phone and pc) can be linked to yahoo, gmail etc and I've never had (noticed) a problem. Though I think its best to download the software from a chinese app-store as opposed to google play store.

Liumingke1234 (3297 posts) • 0

I download it from Yahoo directly from my Android device.

Lester (84 posts) • 0

After I deleted everything from my inbox, I could no longer login to my main yahoo account. Nor can I change the password or find someone to complain to. An alternative yahoo account still worjs fine.

michael2015 (776 posts) • 0

1. Go to yahoo's FAQ & answer site. Good luck with getting a response.


2. If you haven't erased your cookies and history, go to yahoo's website (yahoo.com for usa) and click on the mail icon in the top left. The website will use your cookie to redirect to the correct yahoo mail website.

IF this lets you into your email correctly, bookmark the website address as Yahoo! Mail or something similar...

Hope that helps better than Yahoo's answer site.

3. If you have a VPN - VPN to your home country, then try to login normally. Once again, once you're logged in to Yahoo Mail, bookmark the address.

When you're in foreign countries, such as China, Yahoo checks your IP address to redirect you to the nearest country's yahoo servers, so in this case many of you are probably logging into Yahoo China and trying to get email from Yahoo CHina's servers, which probably don't recognize you very well...if at all.

If you do NOT have a VPN, try out the various free wifi cafes to see if using different ISPs (internet service providers) will let you through as firewalls and blackholes differ between ISPs.

Finally, if you do NOT have a VPN, find someone who DOES have a vpn and leach off their internet connection to login, then bookmark the site once you're online.

As an alternative, you can use normal email clients to imap or pop your email, with some configuration trickery.

imap leaves your mail on the server, pop will actually pop your mail OFF the server onto your email client (default configuration), so most people prefer to use the imap settings.

As an alternative, you can also TRY to use a free web-based proxy service, but beware of being phished.

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