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Many countries (including Thailand at this time) also have a requirement for proof of medical insurance including coverage for Covid.

That Covid insurance can be expensive.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Shopping at Metro

I finally got a positive answer to my own question about using the "old" card a Metro for shopping.

I had a friend phone Metro and ask for me (there's the language issue still).

It still took about 5 minutes to get a definitive answer which eventually was "yes", so I made my way over there.
On entering the store I made a point of asking (using Google translate on my phone) with my card.

The immediate response was an attempt to "upsell" me to the new premium service, which would allow me to pay a membership fee to try finding the products that are no longer on the shelves.
Anyway, problem solved, for now.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Shopping at Metro

Thanks for the response.

I just checked my card and there is no QR code on it.

There's just a bar code that they scan at checkout.


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Had my first ever visit to Slice of Heaven last night for a group party. Barbara recognized me as a newcomer and immediately came to welcome me and introduce herself.

While speaking with her at the counter, a server walked past with a pizza for one table. The aroma immediately caught my attention. It was awesome.

Our group shared 4 different pizzas. All were amazing. I think the sauce really makes the difference since it was very flavourful. I also put back to cups of cappuccino. I guess they must have fixed problems noted in other reviews because I found it to be quite good.

If I lived closer I would be a regular here.