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Forums > Living in Kunming > Relaxing the requirements?

I agree totally with your sentiment.

It's different in parts of Canada though, where parents not only leave children with strangers, but expect the government (read taxpayers) to pay for it.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Airport bus 919

To answer your question, most places I go in Kunming require a single bus from my door.

I rarely need the Metro at all.
I also don't travel around Kunming with a heavy suitcase in tow and even less frequently require the aid of a cane for a back injury.

For distances other than that my wife drives.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Airport bus 919

I thought I'd "take one for the team" who live in the north and try the subway route to the airport yesterday.

You should know that I live right next to the starting point of the now defunct 919E bus and a hundred other routes.
The first step of course was to get to Metro line 2.

That required lugging my heavy backpack (computer) and heavier suitcase across the road and up a step onto the bus - not an easy task when walking with a cane for balance.

Getting off the bus an LinYuQiao station was even more difficult since by this time people were blocking the doorway.
Getting a heavy suitcase up on to the conveyor of the xray machine is not easy, and nobody offered to assist.

It seemed a bit pointless since the person supposedly monitoring the screen was actually sleeping!
The transfer from Line 2 to Line 3 at Dongfeng Square was impossible.

There is only one elevator - and it goes UP!

There is no down elevator or escalator to line 3 that I could find, so if it exists it's well hidden.

Transferring to line 6 at the east coach station seemed a bit strange.

From what I could determine the two lines are at the same level, but it was necessary to go up to the main station, then back down on a different elevator.

In the end my time from home to airport was 90 minutes, compared to 65 minutes with the 919 bus that I miss so much.

The subway route could be acceptable for those with time to spare and little to carry, but if you've got heavy baggage - take a taxi.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Where to find software?

If you don't currently have any software at all you might consider Microsoft Office 365.
There are multiple options available and one package includes word, excel, PowerPoint, access and publisher along with cloud storage, multiple users and multiple devices.
It can install on PC, Mac, tablets and phones, and files can be shared.
The software is licensed and you can get it paying either annual or monthly.


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Had my first ever visit to Slice of Heaven last night for a group party. Barbara recognized me as a newcomer and immediately came to welcome me and introduce herself.

While speaking with her at the counter, a server walked past with a pizza for one table. The aroma immediately caught my attention. It was awesome.

Our group shared 4 different pizzas. All were amazing. I think the sauce really makes the difference since it was very flavourful. I also put back to cups of cappuccino. I guess they must have fixed problems noted in other reviews because I found it to be quite good.

If I lived closer I would be a regular here.


After 14 months in Kunming I've finally found a restaurant that knows how to cook a steak! The last time I had a decent steak was a year ago in Chang Sha.

We found My Favor because of the ad here on Go Kunming. I was not disappointed. The restaurant if very much "upscale", sharing the 6th floor of the Brilliant Plaza with other restaurants that it's Chinese, Japanese and Korean equals, so we've found a great place to go for special occasions.

Being non-smokers we really appreciated the separate no smoking room. The decor is quite elegant and the entire place is spotlessly clean (even polished where it should be).

We were given separate menus for food, beverages and deserts. There was enough selection to satisfy anybody but not so overwhelming that you couldn't decide what to have. The price range was also varied, ranging from modest to a lot.

I chose my always favorite beef tenderloin. Although the menu didn't state it, the dish was served with a choice of the five soups that were offered. My wife stuck with the pasta (she's a noodle nut).

The only downside came in the timing. Our soups arrived together, but my wife had finished her main course before mine arrived.

The serving staff did not hover over us but were quickly available when we wanted something, however, we were the only customers so I can't comment on what service might be like at busy times.

Overall I was very satisfied and might make this a place for a once a month treat.