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Living with CoVid-19

JanJal (1243 posts) • 0

With the big boat changing course, I figure we can start new topic on the theme as well.

Anyone sick yet?

My other half had fever today, after her colleque got sick couple of days before. We are assuming it's CoVid, but apparently it's completely voluntary to confirm that or do anything else special either. It's just like flu now, here too.

Her training school was opened week or so ago, but student attendance has been <5%, so they closed shop for the cold spell voluntarily.

And that seems to be the story now. No restrictions from the up, but people taking voluntary steps perhaps even more efficiently than under previous scheme, and staying home. Or maybe it's just the cold.

AlPage48 (1394 posts) • 0

Yup, my wife and I both tested positive.

We had the testing kits that our daughter ordered for us.
Started out with high fever (sometimes reached 40C), chills, lost appetite and really, really sore throat.

After 6 days I've finally got rid of the sore throat which made it difficult to swallow even water.

I didn't eat anything for several days and even now only consume in a day what would be less than I would normally have in a single meal.

Weight dropped 5 kg in just 3 days.

That's a bonus if I can keep it off.
Another plus was not expected.

Back in the spring and summer I was complaining about difficulty breathing.

Doctors tried all kinds of tests to determine why but to no avail.

One phase of Covid recovery involves coughing up a lot of phlegm.

That's mostly finished now and my breathing is better than it has been for months.
It now feels more like a mild cold.

fabey (124 posts) • 0

Maybe the crowded weekend buffet wasn't such a great idea after all.

Suffered a 40 ℃ fever throughout last night into late morning. Shivering cold with cold sweat despite burning up. Accompanied by migrane, full body ache, breathing difficulties and fatigue.

Luckily we had fever reduction meds stored. Many people aren't so fortunate as most pharmacies are cleaned out and restocking have been slow. Friends may be useful in times like these.

Symptoms may creep up from nowhere, so have meds readily available for easy access when bodily functions are suddenly compromised in the wee hours.

AlPage48 (1394 posts) • 0

My wife and I both experienced those intense shivering spells.

It's a result of fever.

We both found the only solution, despite the fever, was to bundle up warm with an electric blanket.

The shivering passed in minutes after that.

fabey (124 posts) • 0

When keeping warm during fever/chill, make sure to cover body with light and breathable material as to allow dissipation of natural body heat. Taking consideration not to overheat either.

Fever is still clocking in >38℃. Saving the fever med until the old school armpit thermometer hits above 38.5, granted it is advisable 0.3 - 0.6℃ should be added to these types of armpit thermometers.

JanJal (1243 posts) • +1

My wife had the fever (max 38.8) one morning in last weekend, but during the day the fever disappeared and since then there has been just some cough, even less than with regular flu I'd say. But she used home test in Monday to confirm it is Covid.

For rest of us in the household, our 5yr threw up in the Monday evening (the cause could have been something else) and the grandmother (who is not vaccinated) has had some coughs, but neither has been feverish, achy or anything else at all. I've had no symptoms at all yet.

I'm not sure if could be a factor, but both me and our son had regular cold infection less than 2 weeks ago (tested negative for Covid), so our defenses could have been readily up for the battle even if the virus is different. Keeping fingers crossed.

fabey (124 posts) • 0

For those desperately seeking meds and those with a surplus willing to donate, Tencent (parent company of Weixin) announced yesterday a mini-program that matches med seekers with over-stocked givers based on their proximity.

For safety reasons, parties would authenticate their personal information. Click on specific meds in need (or willing to donate). Rendezvous for the drug exchange.

This may come useful for empty-handed families suffering severe symptoms as run on pharmacies have rendered shelves empty.


JanJal (1243 posts) • +1

SCMP reports that China is going to scrap quarantines and reopen borders on January 8. Maybe take with grain of salt, but anyway.


China will reopen borders and abandon quarantine after it downgrades its treatment of Covid-19 on January 8.

The decision is the country’s last step in shedding three years of zero-Covid and pivoting to living with the virus.

Covid-19 has been managed as a top category A infectious disease since 2020, putting it on par with bubonic plague and cholera.


But three sources from provincial health authorities and hospitals in Guangdong, Fujian and Jiangsu said they were notified by the National Health Commission on Sunday, asking them to prepare for the downgrade to category B management from January 8.

AlPage48 (1394 posts) • 0

The change in arrival is confirmed by a story on CNN this morning. I notice that even though there is no quarantine, it may still be necessary to have a negative covid test:
"Travelers still must take a Covid test before arriving in China, but passengers will no longer need to submit their results to a Chinese embassy or consulate and apply for a code. Starting January 8, travelers can test and display the result before they board the plane."


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