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Papa John's Pizza • Shuncheng Wangfujing Mall, Chongren Jie



"All the Meat" only had about 3 slices of salami on it, so maybe i got the wrong order. Anyway, leaving that aside - soggy bread, ketchup as tomatosauce, and cheese was probably from a tube.
Potato wedges soggy as well.
I left half my meal, the only thing up to scratch was the coke and the service. Will not be back.


Went a while back because some teachers wanted to go and said it was great. I had one near me in Beijing and liked it. But the prices now were outrageous. It was 90 RMB per pizza and as is typical there was hardly any tomato sauce (seems Chinese people don't like tomato sauce so places scrimp on it or leave it off entirely) and hardly any cheese. Weird that the couple who wanted to go loved it said how it was just like "back home". Well if they come from suckyexpensivepizzaland then maybe.

One good thing: I was treated and did not have to pay. In no way does this compare to pizza back in the states, including the Papa John's back there. One guy called it "American crappy fast food" (think he meant "crappy American fast food") but he is wrong, it is the super crappy Kunming China version of American fast food.


maybe they have more variety on the menu than other places, but the pizza was small, expensive, and fairly tasteless. you can get much better pizza at better prices at several other places in kunming. and given that it's a chain restaurant, everything probably is pre-packaged in a factory and is probably loaded with unhealthy chemicals. no thanks.


Ordered a small veg pizza, cheese sausages, cod bites and a drink. A bit pricey, 100 kuai. Food was good. Real cheese not processed like some of the other pizza joints. Free refills on coke/sprite.


Don't order the pasta, get the breadsticks, know the waiters and it's good.