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Forums > Living in Kunming > Helping the Needy

Does anybody have any contacts so I may help needy people living in poverty in Kunming? Or others I can help? I just know of Eden Jewelry- which is so awesome. Thank you.

Forums > Food & Drink > A good hamburger?

Samoana Cafe has the 'GIANT BURGER' -the best burger in KM. Kiwi style burger with two giant real meat patties, juicy tomatoes, egg... only 40rmb and that fills you up for the rest of the day.

If you don't like this style, they have plenty of other burgers, they are really good. All sorts of yummy food and drinks, also including a snickers milkshake, mint/choc chip milkshake, 100% juice, etc. to compliment the burger.

Be prepared to be very full!f

Forums > Living in Kunming > Warning of new way theft on the bus.

Same happened to my husband, except his jacket was slashed with a sharp knife on a crowded bus while he was listening to his Chinese Pod and practicing writing while on the way to university.

All cards etc. stolen, had to fly back to the bank where he opened his account to get a new card etc. (even though they have branches in Kunming) just a hassle really, and money on plane trips.

Moral of the story, don't open a bank account in China :) seriously though, we need to be very careful, as we are targets. For some reason, they all think we are full of cash!


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Don't order the pasta, get the breadsticks, know the waiters and it's good.


One of my favourite places to eat! Great thick mango juice for only 8rmb, best I've found in Yunnan. Have many other fresh juice choices, great food at a great price


Walked around for ages trying to find the place (google maps and an iPhone), finally found it after 4 hours!

Had high expectations after reading reviews but disappointed.

Service needs improving. I asked simply for water, which I finally got after I finished my meal, and they gave me one cup (two people). They never gave me other little things I politely asked for either...

I thought smoking was banned here? Or am I wrong? Next to a table of French guys who were smoking like chimneys...

I wouldn't order the power tea, it's very bitter even after adding sugar

Do Not order the waffles. Ours were terrible. Like someone added too much baking soda or baking powder and no sugar to them.

Warning, the roof is very low! Built for very short people and bumped our heads a few times, a little uncomfortable.

However... the cookie monster drink was dangerously nice. (Expensive but nice).

Overall... MIGHT give it another try... really hesitant, very put off by our experience though. A lot needs improving.