Family-run restaurant with Burmese and western Yunnan cuisine

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  • NameAh Bo's Burmese Cuisine
  • AddressFood street, Guandu Old Town, Kunming
  • Phone15288148883,13578248535
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Ah Bo's Burmese Cuisine • Food street, Guandu Old Town

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Tangy, peppery flavours, do not miss the mango juice and the mango pancakes!


Really great! The mango or banana pancakes are exceptional. The freshly-pressed fruit juices are really something special, and cheap. I found the food very good, very spicy, and quite flavorful. While Guandu Old Town is pretty far from the center of town, still, it is worth a trip!


Quite good food, though the menu is a little bit too limited. The banana/omelette thing is amazing, as are the freshly pressed fruit juice - and at a great price. It's also one of the few cheaper restaurants in Kunming that actually -looks- good, with a sort of Carribean color scheme going.


Pretty good food!

We had:
Banana pancake (just like Thailand)
Yellow bean soupy thing (very good!)
Thai fried rice
Chicken with lemon grass & cilantro
1 mango juice (thanks for the recommendation coco1!)
1 passionfruit juice

Overall the food was good, though not outstanding. The juices were great value for money, huge and only 8RMB! The food definitely had a sweet/salty/spicy hit that you get in Thailand & I assume Burma.

Amazingly I was able to handle the food better than a Yunnan local (my g/f) who had stomach pains after. I assume because she isn't used to the combination of sweet/sour/spicy/salty that was on offer - just something to beware of if taking locals!