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Forums > Study > where to study chinese, advice needed.

Thanks, tigertiger, although it doesn't sound very encouraging!
I actually took a course in Chengdu 2 years ago (at 西南财经大学) and was very pleased both with the quality of teaching and the accommodation, but it was 1 to 1. The problem with 1 to 1 for me is that if you get friendly with your teacher you end up speaking English with her and then you can forget about learning Chinese for real. It's my fault rather than hers, but our last two weeks were mainly socializing. But in a group you can't monopolize the class:-)
I'll check out the featured language schools.

Forums > Study > where to study chinese, advice needed.

I am coming to Kunming this summer and I'm looking for a short term summer Chinese course from mid-July to mid-August.
I've spent weeks corresponding with CUCAS and different universities (sent about 15 emails, got 4 replies) only to find out that (contrary to what they said in the beginning) there will probably be no group classes anywhere in Yunnan this summer, that there is no campus accommodation and that the only thing that could be arranged for me is 1 to 1 classes.
I learn better in groups and would rather take group classes in a language school, but if I have no other option I'll go for 1 to 1.
Does anyone know if by any chance there is a university with group classes and/or campus accomodation during the summer (5 weeks)? If not, can you recommend a decent language school (no self-adverstising please)?


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A very decent place although I can just talk about the atmosphere and the mango juice I had.
They do respect the no smoking rule downstairs (very rare in Kunming, even at Starbucks a staff member couldn't persuade a customer to put out his cigarette!), the music is pleasant and the staff are much more professional and welcoming than at most places here.
The toilet is reasonably clean (but there is a notice saying that it is for "small business" only:-) and recommends a public toilet nearby for any other purpose).