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if you stop for lunch by the roadside, they will let you plug in to charge, and maybe additional battery pack,. dunno if the one that fits on yer back will be big enough to do the job, unless they got much better recently


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does that last post make sense to anyone. i cant get my head around it. please can someone clarify. i thought openine all those guest houses was compormising the allure. and more so the livelihoods of locals, not much less. out of town entrepreuers will benefit as they are the ones now opening the branded shaokao and posh businesses,more likely than locals doing it. how can the new identity maintain the ecology, more people means more impact, and the aim of the business is to make money, the identity is promote tourism surely?



Swedish design ideas, kunming build quality. i have bought lots of ikea stuff in the past, the furniture at #11 are poor facsimiles of genuine item. Yes stuff is affordable, but poorly made and overpriced in my opinion. we took a good look around and looked closely at build quality and walked away.


It might be worth identifying which Prague venue you are reviewing.

When I first arrived in Kunming I did a tour of Wenlin Jie. I did't like the look of Prague.
More recently I have used Prague in Beichen a lot and I like it.

Ref the comment @nonsecond about being made sick from raw apple, WTF?