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Forums > Living in Kunming > Kunming "arts district"

1919 loft. Jingdingshan. Think it's in the listings. Few random galleries spread out, like one inside the metallurgy uni. Nordica is a gallery with a couple of small galleries next to it. It's in the listings. But none of these clusters are expansive like Beijing or Shanghai.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Fingerprints

I wonder how this is going to fallout with technology. Many modern smartphones have fingerprint locks. Probably even low end future phones all will have fingerprint locks. Someone with a profile of your fingerprint can open those screenlocks, and then everything on your phone is available, contacts, call logs, data files, browsing history, stored payment information in apps. I'm surprised China hasn't asked for fingerprints of every incoming journalist, or maybe it has?

As for the op's question, been through Hekou crossing a ton, and the only fingerprint scanning devices there are the automated quick access gates for locals. Funny enough, I would and have easily given a government(s) my fingerprint, to use quick access automated entry gates. As you say, if you got nothing to hide...

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Vietnam Visa Office 2017

It should still be open, but you have to wait for someone to open the door and follow them in the building, as there is a fingerprint scanner on the entrance to the building now. Hours should still be the same. Check the listings and reviews for it. I and some others posted the hours.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Roam Like Home (Canada Rogers)

@Geezer. A Canadian phone and sim can work in China. With a roaming agreement, the phone will just magically switch to the carrier or carriers Rogers has as roaming partners in China.

@Westcoaster I'm not sure Apple Maps exists for Android phones.


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Never gotten sick once at Sals. Their food is TexMex, so yeah, not authentic Mexican food, but pretty authentic as TexMex goes. Burrito wrap has improved a lot. Like the draft beer option now.

If you haven't had dairy products in a while, and do eat here, best forgo the sour cream. Nothing wrong with it, in fact it's the best sour cream in Kunming, but if you've eaten Chinese for month or months with no dairy intake, your system will react to sour cream or probably any liquid dairy product not so well. Maybe that's what happened with nailer and tallamerican.



It's now 5 working days for regular processing. So I submitted my application a bit before 5pm on a Friday and was told to pick it up next week Friday after 5pm.

Cost is now 400rmb for a single 30 day entry. Or that was what I was charged anyways. There are no posted prices and its cash only with no receipt except for your passport pickup. That's like $65 USD.

You can pay another 150rmb for 2 day or 100rmb for 3 day processing. For 400rmb, they should process it in three days like they used to before, but now you'd pay 500rmb. The office is still like deserted most of the time, so why does it take longer now and cost extra. If you opted for 2 day, thats like $90 usd. All other neighboring countries charge like $25usd.

The rest of and cope review is still good for hours and location.


Far out, less people. Big enough to get lost in. Pretty and quiet near dusk. 20yuan entrance fee.


Like everyone else says, best Indian food in Kunming. They have lunch plates and dinner plates. Show up before 1pm for lunch.

They are on the 4th floor of the half empty shopping mall. Best way is too take the elevator past the KFC around the corner from Starbucks.

Most individual dishes can feed only two hungry guys, so order more if you are starving. Naan order can take care of one only.


Five stars for the food. Go with Yereth's recommendations, plus any vegetable the waitress says is fresh.

Beware that Xue Fu lu is one way, so many taxis have to take a roundabout way to get here.