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Forums > Living in Kunming > Alipay Health code advice

Appreciate any advice on how to use Alipay to scan health codes? My wechat no longer works for one set of health codes and is asking for updates which I am scared to do and dont seem to be available on Google play for my device now.

I installed the English Alipay app, and linked my Chinese bank card and did the personal verification. So what's the next step to using alipay for health codes? I have never used Alipay before.

Also, curious if Alipay could be used somehow to get my yuan in my Chinese bank account to a USA bank account later when I return to the USA.

Forums > Living in Kunming > What's required for train travel?

Yah, forgot to mention I was asking about Kunming station and not Kunming South. You can board high speed rail at Kunming station in addition to Kunming South. The number of trains is limited compared to Kunming South, and most just go to Kunming South also. Seems like the Metro still hasn't actually connected properly to Kunming station.