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What's required for train travel?

AlexKMG (2387 posts) • 0

I haven't traveled by train recently. I am considering going to Guangzhou by highspeed rail.

Anyone know what restrictions and guidelines are in place for high-speed rail travel in China due to COVID?

YerethYereth (110 posts) • +1

I've only taken recent trips to Dali, which only requires to have a green code and of course your passport. No trouble whatsoever.

My guess for places outside the province is that it depends on your green code as well, and I'd keep an eye on Delta cases around China, as visiting those places may get you stuck with a red code.

Would be good to hear other people's recent experiences.

jj123 (99 posts) • +1

Went to Chengdu a couple weeks ago, no issues, same as Yereth said.
But we arrived the day before the breakout in south cd, and from then on, a bit more labor intensive with having to fill out some forms where ever we went from there, buses, hotels, air bnb's etc.
Bao'ans and locals sorta freaked out when they saw me,

and community center workers coming to track our travel history.

Besides that, no biggie.

kc430kc430 (81 posts) • +1

My wife works at a university in Kunming. On Friday 8/13 she received a message on the university WeChat saying that everyone in her work unit, which I believe applies to all university employees, may not travel outside Kunming.

AlPage48 (1394 posts) • 0

My wife got a message in the community group which she says originated from Kunming city government.

Basically it says don't travel unless necessary and for out of province must report (I don't know where) and get permission to travel forms.

AlexKMG (2387 posts) • 0

Are they checking baggage allowance and weight at the high speed stations? Like is it ok for one person to have two large heavy suitcases?

AlexKMG (2387 posts) • 0

Is the Kunming Metro actually connected to the railway station or is it still a 10 min walk around?

AlPage48 (1394 posts) • 0

@Alex, it rather depends on which railway station you mean.

In an earlier post you indicated you would travel by high speed rail.

The HSR station is now called Kunming south and it can be reached directly by lines 1 and 4.
The old north station is a few steps from the Metro at line 2.

I don't know about the OLD south station, which is at the south end of Beijing Road, but that's the one that had the 10 minute walk around.

AlexKMG (2387 posts) • +1

Yah, forgot to mention I was asking about Kunming station and not Kunming South. You can board high speed rail at Kunming station in addition to Kunming South. The number of trains is limited compared to Kunming South, and most just go to Kunming South also. Seems like the Metro still hasn't actually connected properly to Kunming station.

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