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Alipay Health code advice

AlexKMG (2385 posts) • 0

Appreciate any advice on how to use Alipay to scan health codes? My wechat no longer works for one set of health codes and is asking for updates which I am scared to do and dont seem to be available on Google play for my device now.

I installed the English Alipay app, and linked my Chinese bank card and did the personal verification. So what's the next step to using alipay for health codes? I have never used Alipay before.

Also, curious if Alipay could be used somehow to get my yuan in my Chinese bank account to a USA bank account later when I return to the USA.

DasIstAoWPhOL (15 posts) • +1

for your first question, there is a mini-apps within the ali-pay mess, you can try to locate it by check the apps list at the main UI. for travelling, airport or the rapid train will give you a QR code to scan using the ali-pay build in bar code scanner to proceed.

the latter question about the money. you can't just transfer the chinese bank balance to your u.s bank account. there is other way around that is paypal or xoom.

JanJal (1199 posts) • +1

In Alipay you can probably find the QR code reading tool? Use that to read the QR code at subway or any place you see one, and it will direct you to install the mini app into Alipay - think you have to fill in some more personal details at that time too.

DasIstAoWPhOL (15 posts) • +1

if you wanna save some extra bucks on the paypal or xoom fees, you can just keep the chinese currency in your chinese bank account and instead transfer it, you can use it on ebay or amazon to buy items and have it delivered to your u.s address, the money will automatically exchange into u.s dollars without fees, but a small amount of exchange rates loss.

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