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If you mean fishing with a pole, men are doing it just about anywhere with a nice view that isn't Haigeng or DaGuan park main compound (just next to it is fine). Don't know the exact legality, but I have never seen anyone of the men, and it seems to be men only, ever approached by anyone for anything except the how's the fishing going conversation.

If you want to fish by boat, now that is definitely regulated and only allowed in a strict season.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Watch local fishermen

It's a bacterial infection causing the red tinge. Usually indicative of polluted water, no surprise. Must be common as old pics of fish caught from dianchi a couple of years ago have red tinged carp.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Beware neo-nazi pornography laowei

4 pages half a day? Now if you search neo nazi and porno, goKunming.com should pop up. Congrats for feeding the troll. Thanks for making this top on the forums all. Just superb for the rest of us to see neo nazi porno as the first thread after clicking forums.


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Regarding the roads, my impression was the opposite. I left Vientiane for VV via bus and found the road ok. From VV to Luang Prabang the road was quite miserable.

Nothing better than floating down the river with some of your friends; however, avoid the bar with the giant concrete slide. A Swiss guy drowned last year after using the slide, and it's cause innumerable other injuries to party-goers. Also, the tube doesn't make up for not being a good swimmer.

Very happy that poor kids are getting a free meal at school...Very sad they are forced to eat spoiled food at times.

I think the children should be given 3rmb food vouchers to be spent with the local chefs and vendors outside the school. No more troubles for the schools to operate a kitchen, and the children can decide with their pocketbook (aka vouchers) which vendors food tastes best. If no food vendors can make decent food for 3rmb per child, then the gov't knows why the schools are forced to use rotten stuff at times.



Never gotten sick once at Sals. Their food is TexMex, so yeah, not authentic Mexican food, but pretty authentic as TexMex goes. Burrito wrap has improved a lot. Like the draft beer option now.

If you haven't had dairy products in a while, and do eat here, best forgo the sour cream. Nothing wrong with it, in fact it's the best sour cream in Kunming, but if you've eaten Chinese for month or months with no dairy intake, your system will react to sour cream or probably any liquid dairy product not so well. Maybe that's what happened with nailer and tallamerican.



It's now 5 working days for regular processing. So I submitted my application a bit before 5pm on a Friday and was told to pick it up next week Friday after 5pm.

Cost is now 400rmb for a single 30 day entry. Or that was what I was charged anyways. There are no posted prices and its cash only with no receipt except for your passport pickup. That's like $65 USD.

You can pay another 150rmb for 2 day or 100rmb for 3 day processing. For 400rmb, they should process it in three days like they used to before, but now you'd pay 500rmb. The office is still like deserted most of the time, so why does it take longer now and cost extra. If you opted for 2 day, thats like $90 usd. All other neighboring countries charge like $25usd.

The rest of and cope review is still good for hours and location.


Far out, less people. Big enough to get lost in. Pretty and quiet near dusk. 20yuan entrance fee.


Like everyone else says, best Indian food in Kunming. They have lunch plates and dinner plates. Show up before 1pm for lunch.

They are on the 4th floor of the half empty shopping mall. Best way is too take the elevator past the KFC around the corner from Starbucks.

Most individual dishes can feed only two hungry guys, so order more if you are starving. Naan order can take care of one only.


Five stars for the food. Go with Yereth's recommendations, plus any vegetable the waitress says is fresh.

Beware that Xue Fu lu is one way, so many taxis have to take a roundabout way to get here.