Frisbee golf, anyone?

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Kunming Botanical Garden • Yunhei Duan, highway X004

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I don't get the previous review. While we did see some funny chinese people doing funny things (mass wedding photography!), there were no flowers, trees or plants of interest to speak of, just...a park. An ugly park. But then I didn't see the smaller part of the park to the east, so I withhold a rating for now.


This is a real botanic garden. Lots of the plants have labels and names you can follow on the web later. The trees are mature and diverse, the autumn colours of the leaves on the main avenue are beginning to glow and there is the promise of gorgeous Camellia and Rhododendron floral displays. The renowned Kunming research institute is in the garden. The views are good, there is a woodland to get lost in and as expected,there is a lot of colour. If you like quiet, take your own tent and snooze away the afternoon. Wedding photos are optional. Of course lots of places to exercise the kids or the elderly relatives or the pooch. Plenty of toilet facilities, but you have to take your own snacks and drink. There is a shop at the north entrance. Buses 9, 79 and 128 get you there. Oh yes, 10 yuan to get in.