Little-used station serving a 35-kilometer meter-gauge passenger rail line running from Kunming's eastern to western outskirts.

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  • NameKunming North Train Station
  • Address913 Beijing Lu, Kunming
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Kunming North Train Station • 913 Beijing Lu

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WOW. No platforms. Lots of open spaces and tracks that just end. This is the big station on a railway, half way between somewhere and nowhere, a relic of the past without a real role in Kunming 2012. In short, a toy train.Well its great if you want to go to the flower market in Chenggong at 7 ish, early. I boarded the one and only train of the day near Think Uk where the line crosses Dianmian avenue. Fare is 1.5 yuan both ways. The carriages are old, the ride is smooth, the horn is constant, which becomes a bore eventually, but the slow progression past the pretty linesides, the alternative view of traffic and a look at Kunming from a different angle is worthwhile. At the western stop, a derelict coal yard in shizui, there is no time to do anything before the ride back starts. And there is actually nothing to do. Its a pretty pointless journey really but it makes you think of potential....