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I hope some of the more avid bird-watchers (of which I'm not) make some comments here. The best things I've seen so far are a Lady Amherst's pheasant on Dali's Cangshan, and a what looked like a family of Gaur outside of Tengchong. Not sure what they were though.


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These places are home to "thousands of immigrants from the countryside". Many of these families have extreme difficulty finding ways to register their kids to attend schools, much less pay for tuition. So no, many of them don't go to class.

As for the sandwiches, that was an introductory activity, what teachers call a 'warmer', to gain trust, establish comfort and make sure the kids come back the next time.

Kunming, can't thank you enough! The fundraiser brought in more than 10,000 yuan. Thanks to the bands, Matu and Juliette, Jiajia, Kris, Ian and David, as well as everyone who came out and made this a fantastic afternoon and evening. Well done everyone!



Passable no-frills Dongbei food including lots of dumplings, tofu, disanxian and other standards. Fair prices too.


A pleasant surprise hiding inconspicuously inside the Second Ring Road. Go for the temple, stay for the lovely forested park and its ample solitude.


Always great fun for quiz night in the past and a pleasant place to grab a pint after work. Outdoor area is wonderful when it isn't raining.

Good service and food comes out quickly when you order, no matter how busy.


To be fair, this is just my type of bar: live music, nicely priced drinks in a divey setting. Normally I would give 4 stars, but Sunday afternoons on the back patio are simply too good not to give a top rating.