Wildlife You've Seen in Yunnan

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Aside from a drunken party or sleazy bar, what kind of wildlife have you seen in Yunnan? Having been through some of the mountains and forests around LiJiang and Dali, I've only seen 3 squirrels (one of which in captivity). There are a variety of birds, but still not so many. I've been told by LiJiang locals there are rabbits and the occasional red panda (not related to the giant panda) in the forests around here. It seems a similar area in Eastern Europe or Western USA has many more animals. My God, have the Chinese killed and eaten nearly everything?

lemon lover (891 posts) • 0

Indeed a lot gets eaten. This explains as well why you dont see them. The not (yet) eaten have learned to hide themselves.

ricsnapricsnap (185 posts) • 0

Tourists are often a nuisance and manage to domesticate that little wildlife left which is easily reachable by feeding them.
The first rule that should be taught is never ever to feed any animals outside of your house. Not even on your balcony, for that matter!

tigertiger - moderator (5084 posts) • +3

Locally known as rat snake. About 1.5 m long and non venomous. In the garden behind ours. Box frog, sounds like a cricket, about 2 CM long. Lots of larger frogs and rats.
Abundant birds. Hoopoo, white ibis, cranes, buzzards, red legged gulls, finches. Turtles, a wild fox like dog. Lots of fish. Crayfish.

scally (127 posts) • +3

I hope some of the more avid bird-watchers (of which I'm not) make some comments here. The best things I've seen so far are a Lady Amherst's pheasant on Dali's Cangshan, and a what looked like a family of Gaur outside of Tengchong. Not sure what they were though.

vicar (817 posts) • +1

Sometimes I come across really strange insects in the city. Fairly big and each time they are completely different. All alone they are. As if lost...

The Scouser (41 posts) • 0

The wildlife near me is pretty good.

Its easy to come across some pretty spectacular insects, most of which I have no idea what they were. Once saw a scorpion.

A twitcher would love it here, I've seen Kingfishers,

hoopies, even an African grey parrot which must have been an escaped pet.

Lots of snakes and lizards, and so many squirrels that there had to be something put on the window incase they came in.

Saw a tortoise one. Another time saw a deer on a golf course.

All that was just in Kunming.

In the whole of Yunnan the most spectacular thing

I have seen has to be a Yak I would say.

OceanOcean (1176 posts) • 0

Nice forum. We get preying mantises, stick insects and various lizards in our city neighbourhood.

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