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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Things still cool in Yunnan?

Happy to see references to my all-time favorite musician, Miles! I'll be in Lijiang for a couple of weeks soon and would like to visit Kunming if I knew there would be some good jazz in town around X-Mas/New Year's time.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Lijiang vs Shangri-la for long term

"Lijiang itself is a bit of a sh*thole,"

No it is not, folks. People who say completely unjustified things like this are trolling, projecting, uninformed, or maybe just trying to scare others away from what is actually a beautiful place. Even old town is nice, if you go there when it is quiet.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Too much communication


"I seem to remember another race on Star Trek, where the Enterprise visits a planet of telepaths. They had to learn to not hear, in order to hear anything, and perhaps stay sane."

Or maybe the Gilligan's Island episode with the magic seeds. (Oh, sh!t, if Ginger and MaryAnn knew what I was thinking.) Anyway, Gilligan himself ends up burning the plant with the magic seeds so that they can all get along again.

(BTW, I never watched the show myself. A friend told me about it. ;P)


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