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I went with two American friends several years ago. We took the train from Beijing. We were not impressed with that, so we flew back. My friends brought a drug from the US called "Diamox" which helped us become acclimated to the high altitude. None of us got sick, but it was still hard going up steps like those at Potala Palace (which was awesome). Our guide took us to a base camp for Mt. Everest and we stayed over night. The air was thin to begin with, but several of us sleeping in a tent sealed off from the cold (yet fresh) air was hard. Burning Yak dung for heat also used up the precious oxygen. I awoke at night with difficulty breathing - a bit scary - and I started to hallucinate a bit. All in all, we had a great time, though. I loved the Yak meat and local food, but my friends broke down and ate at Dicos.

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@skye, try writing a few articles on par with those of Patrick Scalley's and maybe you'll start to matter to people here. Until then, it's like Liumingke said.


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