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Superstition or ancient ethnic science?

alienew (422 posts) • +1

A bit of both - largely rule-of-thumb, based on personal and collective practical experiences, I think, with any theories that might serve as explanations drawn from, well, wherever. And yes, there's a subjective confidence-based factor involved (as there is with modern medicine as well).

These guys are not necessarily just running scams.

lemon lover (915 posts) • +1

Piss doctors are not limited to Naxi culture. It is used in a lot of places and rightly so because a lot of things can be diagnosed with a urine test. Diagnoses are based on how it looks like and reacts with other substances but as well how it smells and even tastes, for instance diabetics can be tasted. Of course one uses more then only the urine test. To diagnoses that “he was mentally unstable because some emotional and mental shock he suffered 4 to 5 years ago” is not from the urine but from just having a good chat with the guy.

Stratocaster (161 posts) • +1

Consider the source and a sample of the author's writing: "You probably gonna ask what makes him so special? " Don't waste your time reading bullsh!t like that.

iTeach (96 posts) • +2

this is someone pushing tourism,,not as good as england's loch ness monster but not a bad try

pengland (17 posts) • 0

@alienew yep, Piss doctors are not limited to Naxi culture, just said the mentioned doc use the method:) By the way, I'm not an English native speaker so my English level is indeed quite poor.

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