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"Walking Marriages"

nnoble (888 posts) • 0

Much better travel feature than I expected and nicely presented. I was tempted to make a final return visit but I'll stick with the good memories, and perhaps this, as a reminder.

AlexKMG (2353 posts) • +1

Is it me, or does it seem like every couple of years, Time or the BBC writes a new but same article about the Mosu women or the Dwarf Empire?

Geogramatt (186 posts) • 0

Unreliable journalism.
On the first page it says that the "nearest city is 6 hours drive away".
Hasn't this journalist ever heard of Lijiang? It most certainly qualifies as a "city". As do Xiaguan, Panzhihua, and Chuxiong, all of which are less than 6 hours drive.

tigertiger (4905 posts) • 0

Six hours sounds like cut and paste. I think it used to be 6 hours from Lijiang, before the new highway was built; maybe 10 years ago.

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