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Okay I found it the The Guardian:[...]

Looks like the cost will be much more for some Chinese:

"The proposal may be less popular among the 170,000 people living in Sichuan that (State news agency) Xinhua says will have to be moved to accommodate the park. Although many families have lived in these areas for generations, the threat they pose by bamboo harvesting and livestock grazing are deemed to necessitate their removal."

Forums > Living in Kunming > China Announces ‘National Campaign to Clean Up’ In

I don't know. In a perfect world, I wish the Chinese could enjoy the kind of press/advertising freedoms we have in the West. On the other hand, I can appreciate the immense challenge the government has in managing 1.4 billion people, so many of whom (as in the West) do not have the benefit of a well-balanced education and developed critical thinking skills.

BTW, here's another source that may help us think about news bias. Whether or not you agree with how news sources have been placed on the graph, it does offer food for thought. The graph seems to represent what I vaguely imagined in my mind. The "Green Rectangle" is where I get a lot of my news. I very much like to read The Economist which falls into the "Yellow Rectangle" along with the National Review which I don't care for. I'm guilty of using CNN (which I would place further to the left) and Huffington Post, but I try to balance that with occasionally checking out Fox News and The Federalist.



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