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Lijiang vs Shangri-la for long term

Aquin (3 posts) • 0

Hi all,

What would be your thoughts on choosing to live in Lijiang vs Shangri-la (Zhongdian) for extended time of at least 2 years for work?

dr. chibbles (36 posts) • +2

I think for me it would be a choice between a more urban place (Lijiang), with tons of Western and Chinese options for everything, and a place that is a bit more rural (Shangri-la) with fewer choices overall in terms of nightlife, food and drink, but also a more relaxed and less crowded day-to-day atmosphere.

Both have their upsides, and the outdoor options in both areas are fantastic.

Aquin (3 posts) • +1

It's something I'm launching on my own and it's going to be quite location independent.

I've been to both several times but never for more than a few days or a couple of weeks, which might be quite different than settling down for longer.

GoK Moderator (5096 posts) • +3

If you are setting up some sort of business then you should consider communications. Both by road/rail and telecoms.

Road and rail may be a factor if you are shipping to or from your business. Telecoms if you are doing any eBusiness. Broadband speeds may be an issue in some more remote parts, and cell coverage may also vary.
You also need to think about social networking, as well as your business networking.

Two question you could ask yourself. How well do you think you can build your friends circle in either place? Do you enjoy isolation or do you need to plug into a friendly circle on a regular basis.

DanTheMan (620 posts) • -2

I've never been to Shangri-la in the winter, but I've heard it's pretty darn cold. I also remember hearing that a lot of the restaurants, bars, cafes, etc. close down for the winter. Lijiang itself is a bit of a sh*thole, but does have some creature comforts like Walmart, remains a bit more mild in winter, and has rail line and bigger airport.

wenshidi (25 posts) • +3

"Lijiang itself is a bit of a sh*thole"

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

I spent 3 or 4 years in Lijiang, and much preferred it to Kunming, in almost every aspect.

If only they had a branch of the Wicker Basket up there....

debaser (647 posts) • +1

Dayan 'old town' in Lijiang isn't a nice place unless you're a Chinese tourist but the rest of the area is nice, especially if you're into sports or the outdoors. It's worth remembering that it's a small place compared to Kunming and it really depends on the type of work you want to do. I wouldn't bother with Shangrila becauuse apart from the tourist season it's just cold and even more isolated than Lijiang.

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