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Forums > Study > Looking for Hokkien tutor / 寻找一位闽南话老师

I'm looking for a Hokkien tutor to meet regularly with, preferably from Zhangzhou/Xiamen in Fujian. I have a basic textbook we can can follow. No need to speak English. Payment will be fair. Please add my WeChat if you are interested: 15368111030


Forums > Living in Kunming > Increased anti-foreigner sentiment?

I cannot find an edit button on my post, though I am happy to remove the one sentence that mentions the experience of a friend in Beijing.

I'm simply broadly interested in getting a read on whether or not people in Yunnan have witnessed an increase in anti-foreign sentiment. I assumed this would be a topic of relevance to posters on "Living in Kunming"?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Increased anti-foreigner sentiment?

Some people I know are getting stopped and aggressively checked for temperature when walking on the street, getting denied entry at cafes and parks while Chinese are still allowed to enter, not being allowed into apartment complexes, etc., and I've personally noticed people staring (even more than the usual degree), people getting off elevators when I get on, more screenings than in the past. Apparently, there is a hair salon in Beijing that will not be serving foreign customers as well.

Some of this seems like new policy stemming from the fear of re-infection from international arrivals, but some of it also feels like plain anti-foreigner sentiment.

Now, correlation does not imply causation, and I'm sure I also have been keeping more distance from others over the last few weeks, but things feel slightly more pronounced these last couple of days.

Has anyone else seen or felt any other instances of anti-foreigner sentiment in the rise? It's a tough thing to quantify, so I'm trying to get a general read of the situation.

Forums > Study > research in China

You're going to need a connection to be a visiting scholar. Try contacting the Foreign Affairs Office of various universities throughout Kunming/Pu'er. Good luck. Getting a research permit from the provincial government can be a bit tricky.


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For me, as someone who lives right by Green Lake, I always love heading out to Chenggong to visit my thesis adviser. There are tons of sprawling parks, it's easy to get out to the countryside, the air quality is higher, etc. I'd be very happy living out there. The main thing is that I don't particularly care for the night life scene, so living near the city center doesn't offer a whole lot of advantages.



I became a vegetarian last year, and Sal's has been great for me. Some of my favorite dishes are the Mediterranean quesadilla, the falafel plate, huevos rancheros, the muesli bowl, and the avocado and beet sandwich. They're all killer.

In my experience, most of the staff are familiar with words on the menu, but if you get off it for special requests, it can be a bit trickier. There's usually at least one or two staff members on each shift who can handle more complicated English stuff.

In general, the wait staff has always been professional and friendly, even when busy.


Had a nice Americano the other day for only 13 RMB. Food smelled good, too. A pledge to only use fresh, organic, locally sourced goods dominates their main indoor wall. I wasn't a huge fan of the decor, but to each his or her own.


I had the Norwegian Breakfast, it was delicious! The view of the street below was quite nice, too. One of the few places in the city where you can find quinoa on the menu.