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I've heard good things about the language program at 师范大学. I'm finishing up a two-year language study at 云南大学, and while some teachers/classes have been great, it's also not without it's share of lazy teachers/uninspired teaching methodology, though every fall it organizes a HSK培训班 students can attend for free.


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Wonderful, quaint little bakery/pizzeria in Tianjundian Alley, just off of Wenlin Jie! (The alley starts around 红豆园 and cuts through to Yunnan University's West Gate.) With pure, simple, and delicious cooking, As You Like really embodies the motto "don't change what isn't broken." In fact, one of my Italian friends commented that the pizzas there remind him of his mother's homemade pizzas. I, too, can attest that they are exceedingly delicious, with some very high quality ingredients (blue cheese/walnut pizza is to-die-for). They have some a small garden growing upstairs, which they use for seasoning — you can see them pluck the rosemary leaves right out the window!

Their juices and teas are fantastic. Of note is that their juices are pure fruit — they don't include sugar or other additives, making them not only light and refreshing, but healthy, too. They make a mean lemon cake, and have a killer walnut apple bread, as well.

In terms of decor, it is a bit small, but it nonetheless comes off very cozy, with tasteful decor, ambient lighting, many windows, and inviting music. It's very easy to pass an hour or two engrossed in a book up there, sipping a coffee, listening to the birds outside in the alleyway.

Highly recommend!