UC Cafe specializes in locally-grown and roasted coffee as well as American, French, and Italian-style desserts and foods.

We are halal, which means our meat is the highest quality available. All menu items are made in-house and without chemicals or preservatives, all for very competitive prices.

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  • NameUC Café
    UC 咖啡
  • Address40 Wenlin Jie, extension 10, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 62660009
  • HoursDaily: 8:00am-midnight
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UC Café • 40 Wenlin Jie, extension 10

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Had a nice Americano the other day for only 13 RMB. Food smelled good, too. A pledge to only use fresh, organic, locally sourced goods dominates their main indoor wall. I wasn't a huge fan of the decor, but to each his or her own.


Really great coffee for a great price. Finally! From what I've tasted of their food, it's good too.


New store that I tried today,I got a cup of caffe Americano,a croissant and two pieces of French toasts.really good food,amazing flavor with cheap price on this street.