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Crossing province lines is no problem. As long as your papers are in order, it doesn't matter which province they're from. Just keep in mind that bigger cities like Kunming or Chengdu may have restrictions on motorcycles within certain parts of the city, especially motorcycles with plates from other provinces.

Though it would probably be possible to do the entire trip without anybody ever checking your license (I just rode from Kunming to Lijiang and all around Lijiang prefecture without anybody ever looking at my papers), I would not recommend the risk. You can be jailed for riding a motorbike without a license.

You might want to check with this company: www.tibetmoto.de/

If you rent and organize through them, I think there's some chance they may be able to get you a temporary Chinese driver's license. They also rent nice Chinese-made enduro touring motorcycles. But I don't think their prices are particularly cheap.

For going it alone if you get a license, how big of a bike is up to you. It's feasible on 100cc farmer bike like everybody drives in rural villages. But it's nice to have some more power, especially for safely passing slow moving trucks on the rural roads, which are often windy and do not have long straightaways; so you want to get around and back into your lane as fast as possible. I have a 230cc Chinese enduro bike. It's fine for doing some touring, though I sometimes wish I had more power. The 400cc Shineray bikes rented out by the aforementioned company in Dali are probably ideal for touring in this part of the world.



Just looking at the wasted energy from heat in internal combustion engines, it seems rather obvious that it's a very inefficient technology. Are lithium battery powered electric vehicles the answer? I'm doubtful. But perhaps widespread adoption could be a bridge toward better technologies (fuel cells?) in the future.



Just had an expensive and very underwhelming meal here. Flavor of food not good and full of low quality oil.


My favorite guesthouse in China. It's a rock climbing destination, so most of the guests are climbers. But it's also a great spot for getting the heck out of Kunming and spending a few days hiking and relaxing in a pleasant village in a beautiful setting. Very reasonably priced.

Would also serve as a perfect base for exploring Laojunshan National Park by mountain bike, dirtbike or 4x4. Lots of trails and roads all over. Also, a good stopover if you're heading up toward the area around Weixi and Tacheng.

About an hour drive from Lijiang Train station.

Reuben and Long, the owners, are wonderful people. Food is good, with communal dinner every evening around 7 to 7:30.

May not be suitable for everybody: toilets are outhouse style and shower/sinks are communal. But internet speed very good considering the setting.

Great little getaway from the big city.


One of my new favorite Dai-style restaurants in Kunming! Well-executed classics like 鬼鸡,老奶洋芋,etc., nice enough atmosphere and good service. Four stars because the food could be improved upon compared to my very favorite Dai restaurants (which are not in Kunming), and they only take reservations for a single dinner seating.

For this style of food, the only one I know of in Kunming that I might choose over this is Jingpo Renjia down near the (now closed) Camel Bar. But this one is cheaper and the location more convenient for me.


If you have the appropriate budget and want a unique experience, this is definitely the best hotel choice in Kunming. It has a few drawbacks like the inability to drive a car straight up the entrance. As a boutique property, it also naturally lacks some of the amenities of a big hotel. But this is more than made up for by the location, thoughtful design and personal service.


I am not an employee of the mask. Numerous other users on, and the administrators of, GoKunming know that is the case.

I just think the Mask is a nice place with nice staff and owners and reasonably priced drinks. But I'm not such a big EDM fan so I tend to go only for live music or when a group of friends is headed there.

I also think it's a very safe place for people who don't invite trouble upon themselves—certainly safer than many of the surrounding establishments.

I would suggest that the most recent one star review should be removed as it contains zero review content, and is rather just a response to other reviewers.