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Hekou land border crossing

Kelisi (8 posts) • 0

Has the border crossing between Vietnam and Hekou, Yunnan reopened? Is this an option for foreigners to enter China assuming one has a 48 hour negative Covid test result?

kmting (36 posts) • 0

"Hekou Port, the largest in Yunnan on the China-Vietnam border, resumed services on Sunday, with people from the two countries crossing the China-Vietnam Nanxi River Bridge and exchanging flowers to celebrate.

The port, which has reopened channels for pedestrians and vehicles, is connected to the Vietnamese province of Lao Cai by land and water. For years, sightseeing and cross-border tourism in the area has boomed, and cross-border public transportation have developed. In 2019, some 6.61 million inbound and outbound trips were made through Hekou Port." China daily

DanTheMan (620 posts) • +1

I have heard directly from a few foreigners who have entered China via Lao Cai/Hekou in recent weeks. No covid test result required.

fabey (124 posts) • 0

On a related subject. No covid test seems to be what I'm hearing for Chinese travelers returning from Laos via the high speed rail train. Vacation trips to Laos have been buzzing on social media. Only a four-hour trip via the high speed rail from Kunming. Visa on arrival costs over 250 rmb, which is a bit more than applying at the Laos embassy in Kunming (reached via mrt), but the queues may gey hectic at the port.

mutikonkamutikonka (3 posts) • 0

I was just in Lao Cai (18th Feb). A trickle of Vietnamese are crossing the bridge into Hekou, only a fraction of former traffic. Didn't see or hear a single Chinese person in Lao Cai.

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