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Forums > Living in Kunming > COVID 19 vaccine for foreigners

OK Tommy boy, we get it. You are one of these people that have seen the light probably on Fox. Or on Breitbart or One America News Network.

You are probably happy to hear that after two shots I am now fully magnetic. If I had a gun it simply would stick to me, no need for a holster.

As well with these microchips inside me I feel more connected to my computer, we have something in common. That’s why I am so much on it lately.

Now I understand as well why the car industry was/is having problems getting the chips they need. All chip makers are now too busy to make microchips for injection.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Covid vaccine mandatory for all adults?

Well if you really know me then you would know that I have a great dislike for pharma and especially big-pharma. One of the reasons for that is that they stopped developing vaccines because they are a thread to the business model. Big pharma would hate to see a vaccine against HIV-Aids because then their highly profitable sales of anti-aids medication would dry out. They only got into the Covid vaccine business after being financially compensated for the development cost (And if they still could make a profit on it).

The Nuremberg Code was draw up during the process against Nazi doctors who experimented, without consent, on inmates in concentration camps. This often after first having infected these inmates. To use the Nuremberg Code was picked up by anti-vaxxers to justify their point. If you don’t see how completely out of context this is you clearly don’t know what the Nuremberg Code is.

Of course the Yellow Fever checks were in Africa and Latin America because there Yellow Fever was still an issue. Bribing your way past the check created a health threat and corrupted the system. But who cared. Now back home you could boost about how corrupt Africa and Latin America were.

As far as personal freedoms are concerned I spell it out again for you: Any form of personal freedom carries in it the obligation that when exercised they don’t inflict the opposite on others.

You seem to be a very sensitive person. I used the term “Fuck off”. Sorry to have offended your tender soul.

Anyway I will not tell you anymore to fuck off to your own country because I understand that you already did. But please don’t come back here.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Covid vaccine mandatory for all adults?

Heaving worked in several vaccination campaigns all over the world you indeed might call me a believer. I have seen the results of non-believers; children dying of mumps, children born severely deformed by polio and then dumped at the side of the road. Preventable diseases. This all the result of the weird ideas of the Tabiban, Boko Haram, bush-doctors and all the various western anti-vaxxers.

If you like to belong to this groups, fine, but indeed fuck off to your own country. You might call that “rudeness and hostility and the resort of miserable people”. Well I don’t. Might be rudeness but that seems to be the only way to get through to the like of you, you responded.

You are hostile by spreading false information and doubt that can lead to people’s dead, severe illness and economic hardship. And I am not miserable at all, I have a clear conscience while you have (potentially) blood on your hands.

You are probably too young to remember the times that you had to travel the world with not only a passport but as well a vaccination booklet. When you were refused entry when you didn’t have a Yellow Fever shot. When you had to bare your arm to show your pockmark before you were allowed in the country.

Not surprising these requirements have disappeared because the restrictions in place diminished or even wiped out these diseases. And so indeed hopefully in a couple of years the Covid checks will disappear as well.

Anyway somebody talking about the Nuremburg Code (Spelled Nuremberg Code by the way) as a reason not to get vaccinated is a complete idiot. We all know that the Nuremberg Code had a completely different objective then crossing borders whiteout vaccination. The code talks indeed about human rights but we all know that rights come with obligations. The later part is usually forgotten by these anti-vaxxers.

To spell it out for you: Any form of personal freedom carries in it the obligation that when exercised they don’t inflict the opposite on others.

You state: There was never anything remotely on this scale imposed on the world during SARS, Swine Flu or even Ebola. Well you seem to have lost any sense of proportion. Eight people died of Ebola in the USA compared 617,166 of Covid (To date). Come on get serious! (Ebola killed 11,310 people worldwide).


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WayoftheSun. False info? I am just raising some points how the present situation has come to this. Don't blame me but the unscrupulous breeders and owners that keep dogs for the wrong reasons and on top of that don't know how to deal with them.

I have no problem understanding that your shepherd is a proper dog and you know how to deal with but the situation I see around me here is China is different. Lots of gangster breeders and owners that don't know even the basics.

A muzzle is not the solution. Just two recent cases in England and New Zealand where kids were mauled by their family dogs in their own homes.

I largely agree with you that it is not the dog but the owner that is the problem. But you have to realize that there is a correlation between them, like people that buy a Lamborghini are more likely to be involved in a high speed accident than people who buy a QQ.
The problem is that people that, let say, buy a pit bull terrier, usually are not doing so to prove that these are nice family dogs but do so for the reasons why these dogs are forbidden now.

An other point is that certain breeds which where OK before, like for example the various shepherd breeds, for whom I have as well have good experiences, I was allowed to walk a friend's shepherd when only 4 years old, have changed.
Many of these dogs are not any longer what they used to be. This because of unscrupulous breeding for commercial reasons. The nice and friendly shepherd I walked as a 4 year old is not the same as the shepherd my neighbor bought as a status symbol to go with his Cayenne.
For this reason I support banning breeds. Not because of the dogs but because of the owners.


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