Kunming Ong Bak Muay Thai Boxing & MMA Gym is the first professional and most popular Muay Thai Boxing and MMA gym in Kunming city is established at 2016. It is the only the gym that can teach all classes in English and Spanish. Our boxing head coach Ruben is a former Spanish national boxing champion. He has coached many Asian and European boxing champions. He started practicing boxing when he was 14 years old and won the Spanish boxing championship at the age of 26. He has more than 30 years of boxing experience and 15 years of experience as a trainer.

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  • NameOng Bak Muay Thai Boxing & MMA Gym
  • Address184 Gulou lu, 3rd floor, opposite the northern gate of Kunming Zoo, Kunming
  • MOBILE18687067477
  • HoursDaily 10am-10pm
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Ong Bak Muay Thai Boxing & MMA Gym • 184 Gulou lu, 3rd floor, opposite the northern gate of Kunming Zoo

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I'm pretty sure their staff has offered me the worst gym experience. To make the story short, my friend and I tried their boxing class first. That was fine. After years of private training, I'm happy to practice more in a group class. But I'm keen to find out more about their MMA, because that's what I want to focus on now. So they turned us down, insisting that one person can use one Dianping voucher only, which means, if I used boxing voucher, I can't use the MMA voucher anymore, which is totally against Dianping's rules. (if you use Dianping to promote your own brand and attract users, why can't you comply with Dianping rules.) Then the next thing I heard was: "you freeloaders, you foreigners are so spoiled, we are not charity... " "we treat everyone the same..." (if you treat everyone the same, why the hostility) I haven't heard of these words for ages. I'm not commenting on the coaches nor the facilities, simply this attitude is putting me off.

Econ 101 for anyone who's gonna argue Dianping voucher is a big favor for consumers. No, it's a tiny fraction of conventional marketing spending to attract users to experience your products. (Without these voucher, they'll have to put up a huge sign board and advertisement and flyers in the street.) So you and I, as a consumer, will be happily paying couple thousand later for their products. Whether it's 19.9 or 108, the voucher's price is set by merchants. If 19.9 or 108 cannot cover their cost, the voucher price should be set higher, instead of putting the blame on customer.


I went there twice for group boxing classes. I left the third time when I was attempting to book into a grappling class. This was part of an attempted process on my part to try the different classes offered there and see if I wanted to purchase one of their various membership cards.

The boxing classes were fun, a great workout, and the coaches and fellow students were all nice. A good atmosphere. Certainly room for improvement, especially in terms of explaining the class structure and fundamental concepts of the sports to beginners...but overall good.

However, on front desk staff member erased the positive aspects of the gym through his unprofessional and rude conduct. I was treated like some sort of con-man for wanting to try out the different classes offered before committing to multi-thousand RMB membership card, despite my willingness to pay per class to try them out. I wasted my time riding over to the gym on a very cold day on my scooter and then being refused service unless I committed on the spot to buying a membership card in direct contradiction to the gym's own policies and written price table. Also wasted was my friend's time and money, as she was in a cab on the way over to the gym in order to join me for the group class at the time I was refused service. My exchange with the staff (in which I was not terribly satisfied, but remained calm and reasonable throughout) was topped off with a remark from the one particular staff member with xenophobic undertones.

As one may see from my other reviews on this site, I typically try not to say anything unless I have something nice to say. In this case, I feel I must make an exception: I don't think it's a business that deserves your effort or money.


The boxing and Muay Thai are so amazing, the equipments are professional and the coaches are very qualified. Whether professional training or simply keeping fit, you will not be disappointed.


The gym is at a good location close to the Kunming Zoo and Chuan xin Gu Lou 穿心鼓楼 subway stop. You will find that the gym has friendly staff and members, especially boxing coach Reuben. He not only has years of experience as an athlete and trainer, he also has a master degree in chemistry, his "laboratory" is the boxing gym where he trains the art of the "sweet science".