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I'm pretty sure their staff has offered me the worst gym experience. To make the story short, my friend and I tried their boxing class first. That was fine. After years of private training, I'm happy to practice more in a group class. But I'm keen to find out more about their MMA, because that's what I want to focus on now. So they turned us down, insisting that one person can use one Dianping voucher only, which means, if I used boxing voucher, I can't use the MMA voucher anymore, which is totally against Dianping's rules. (if you use Dianping to promote your own brand and attract users, why can't you comply with Dianping rules.) Then the next thing I heard was: "you freeloaders, you foreigners are so spoiled, we are not charity... " "we treat everyone the same..." (if you treat everyone the same, why the hostility) I haven't heard of these words for ages. I'm not commenting on the coaches nor the facilities, simply this attitude is putting me off.

Econ 101 for anyone who's gonna argue Dianping voucher is a big favor for consumers. No, it's a tiny fraction of conventional marketing spending to attract users to experience your products. (Without these voucher, they'll have to put up a huge sign board and advertisement and flyers in the street.) So you and I, as a consumer, will be happily paying couple thousand later for their products. Whether it's 19.9 or 108, the voucher's price is set by merchants. If 19.9 or 108 cannot cover their cost, the voucher price should be set higher, instead of putting the blame on customer.