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Kunming's can't-miss Have a Heart Fundraiser Nov 20

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Denizens of Kunming, friends from near and far, it is once again time to mark your calendars for the Have a Heart Fundraiser event this Saturday, November 20 at Kai Wah Plaza Hotel in the heart of downtown Kunming. It's the sixth edition of this fun-for-all-ages Kunming tradition. The Have a Heart Fundraiser features live music from some of Kunming's favorite local bands, home-cooked food from around the world, all manner of libations, a silent auction full of amazing items, fantastic raffle prizes, sustainable products and unique handicrafts for sale, kid-friendly activities, and more!

There is truly no other event like it in Kunming. AND, did we mention, it's all for the benefit of a wonderful cause?! Funds raised will help pay for heart surgery for needy children in Yunnan. Last year, the event itself raised 138,000 yuan, which paid a portion of the costs for heart surgery for 11 children at Fuwai Hospital in Kunming. Ancillary donations—including from Rotary Club International chapters across China, Yunnan Swire Coca Cola Beverage Company Ltd. And Oishi Foods—raised the total funds secured last year for children's heart surgeries to 316,000 yuan.

Images from last year's Have a Heart Fundraiser

This year we are looking forward to another great event and raising more funds for this important cause. Proceeds from entry and raffle ticket sales, silent auction items, and food and beverage sales will be donated to help pay the costs related to desperately needed heart surgeries for children in Yunnan. Please read on for the full event details and some more information about the use of the funds raised.

Thanks to the Supporters

In addition to the many individuals who have donated auction items to the event or given direct cash donations, as well as all of you who will support through your attendance at the event, a special thanks is owed to the following businesses which have donated a variety of resources to this year's Have a Heart Fundraiser:

Hosting Sponsor
Kai Wah Plaza Hotel | 昆明佳华广场酒店

Gold Supporter
Club Med Lijiang

Silver Supporter
Yunnan Yu-Cong Enterprise Management Co. Ltd. | 云南玉琮企业管理有限公司

General Supporters (In alphabetical order)
À Table French Bakery by Vincent | À Table 法式烘焙
As You Like | 有佳
Brooklyn Pizzeria | 布鲁克林批萨店
Cachet Boutique Hotel | 昆明彩云里·凯世精品酒店
Cantina Restaurant | 意老夫子意大利餐厅
Chaba Brewpub | 岔巴精酿啤酒餐吧
Cloud 18 Restaurant & Bar | 云瑞十八
Contemporary Gallery Kunming | CGK昆明当代美术馆
Dangsters Dance Studios | 旦斯特舞蹈工作室
Dream Island (Shuanglang Dali) | 木夕大理(双廊)
Flying Tigers Café (Shangri-La) | 飞虎咖啡 (香格里拉)
Fürst Carl Hausbrauerei & Schankstube | 卡尔爵士德国皇家啤酒坊
Fuxian Lake Sailing Base | 抚仙湖帆船基地
Gah Gallery | 噶画廊
Humdinger Brewpub | 玩啤精酿餐吧
The Ivy Montessori Center | 长青藤多元智力启蒙中心
Joy Wine | 集轩酒业
Lanchie Dental | 蓝橙齿科
The Lily Pad Inn Dali | 大理百合国际青年旅舍
The Linden Center | 喜林苑
Lost Garden Guesthouse & Café | 一丘田七号客栈餐厅
LVAN | 绿案
MB Distilling | 山非蒸馏
Moon & Chalice Boutique Hotel | 昆明若安对月楼酒店
Muyu Oven | 木鱼炉子
Night Brew | 黑做酿造
The Rambler Shangri-la Gin | 漫游者香格里拉金酒
Red Buffalo Trading
Revolución Cocktail | 革命酒吧
Rotary Club of Kunming | 昆明扶轮社
Sapore Italia | 意滋味
Salvador's House of Coffee | 萨尔瓦多咖啡馆
Siam Thai | 暹泰
Slice of Heaven | 天堂角西点咖啡
Surge Art | 纵澜文化
Surya Yoga by Daisy | 塑雅瑜伽
Thierry B. Artisan Chocolate | 云南蒂艾里食品有限公司
Tulu Lodge Benzilan
Turtle Bar and T3 Club | 醉鬼酒吧
Vervo Club & Lounge | Vervo夜店酒吧
Wine Time
Ying's Untamed Kitchen | 贪食厨房
Yunnan Swire Coca Cola Beverage Company, Ltd | 云南太古可口可乐饮料有限公司
Yunnique Coffee | 山韵咖啡

Images from last year's Have a Heart Fundraiser

Schedule and Venue

The Have a Heart Fundraiser will run from noon to 11pm on Saturday, November 20 and will consist of three parts:

12pm-7pm: Sustainable market with second-hand and eco-friendly products and crafts at the Yunnan Second Life Market held in partnership with LVAN. It will take place in the lobby atrium of the Kai Wah Plaza Hotel.

3pm-7pm: Games and other family-friendly activities, also in the lobby atrium of the hotel, with light refreshments on sale by the hotel and crèche (childcare) services provided by the Ivy Montessori Center.

6pm-11pm: The BIG PARTY with music, food, adult beverages, raffle drawings and a silent auction, taking place in the Kai Wah Plaza Hotel grand ballroom.

The afternoon craft fair will be free to join. Entry tickets for the evening party in the ballroom will cost 100 yuan and can be purchased at the door. Additional raffle tickets will also be on sale, so we encourage you to buy extra to increase your chances of winning fabulous prizes such as luxury hotel stay vouchers, meals at some of Kunming's best restaurants, travel packages and so much more!

Kai Wah Plaza Hotel has for the second year in a row generously donated the event venue and supporting resources. The hotel is located at 157 Beijing Lu, just south of the intersection with the South Ring Road (Huancheng Nan Lu). It is a few minutes' walk from the South Ring Rd metro station served by lines 1 and 2. Use station Exit D.

Images from last year's Have a Heart Fundraiser

Music Schedule

Acoustic Performances in the Atrium

3:30pm Braden and Friends (rock)
4:15pm Invincible Gherkin 无敌小黄瓜 (pop)
5:00pm Eddy Kneefel 艾迪 (Folk)
5:45pm Stud Duck (blues)

Evening Party in the Ballroom

6:15pm Baraoke 巴饶克 (reggae)
7:00pm Large Forehead 大脑门 (ska)
7:45pm Take Me Nowhere (rock)
8:30pm Alli G's Disco Funk Brigade (disco funk)
9:15pm Zeming Xu
10:00pm DJ Xiao Kris

Images from last year's Have a Heart Fundraiser

Food and Drink Lineup

SAPORE ITALIA: Wine and champagne
CANTINA: Sandwiches with fresh sliced Italian cold cuts
LOST GARDEN: Tacos and nachos
SIAM THAI: Thai treats
YING: Home-cooked Chinese
JONATHAN: Authentic New Orleans jambalaya
DAISY (AKA XIAO YANG): Lincang-style vegan Xidoufen.
À TABLE: Viennoiseries (French pastry treats)
SALVADOR'S: Ice cream
WENYAN: Freshly-baked artisan bread.
SLICE OF HEAVEN: Sweet treats during the afternoon.

A Note About Congenital Heart Disease and the Use of Funds Raised

Roughly one percent of children globally are born with congenital heart defects. These range from minor to life-threatening. In many rural places, with little or no access to adequate healthcare, such cases can prove fatal at an early age. There is also some evidence that children in Yunnan are at a greater risk for congenital heart defects due to the province's relatively high elevation.

China has made amazing strides in recent years in poverty alleviation and expansion of social welfare services such as its national health insurance program. In many cases, this public insurance now covers the cost of the lifesaving surgery for children with congenital heart defects. But the surgery itself is just one small part of the cost of treatment. Families may be required to pay for the medicine and supplies used during the surgery and recuperation, not to mention the cost of traveling to a qualified hospital in a major city and paying for lodging there. Considering that the average disposable income of rural residents in Yunnan in 2020 was 12,842 yuan, these additional costs can quickly place surgery tragically out of reach for families of children with congenital heart defects. Have a Heart aims to put this medical treatment back into reach for families of children with life-threatening defects requiring complex surgery.

Funds raised during the event will be given to Fuwai Hospital, a leading cardiac surgery center in Western China. Fuwai will hold the funds and disburse them under the direction of the Have a Heart organizers to assist with surgical costs for specific children in Yunnan. The criteria for selecting cases to fund will be 1) Family need 2) Necessity of the surgery 3) Potential for positive impact on the child's quality of life. These judgements will be formed in consultation with licensed heart surgeons and other physicians in Kunming who have volunteered to assist with Heart to Heart's efforts.

We hope to see your smiling faces this Saturday as we come together to have a great time for a fantastic cause! Please reach out to the event organizers if you'd like to get involved.

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