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I will continue to observe gokunming's weather forecast (forwarded from wherever) and know that it sometimes will get or has got cold somewhere in Time. Fortunately, this is Kunming, I no longer have to live according to a schedule (Salvador's closes at 11PM, I remember that), and so it's all rarely much of an issue...

Forums > Living in Kunming > GoKunming feedback...

So it was originally forecast to be 4C at 4AM this morning, whether that happened or not; or it's forecast to go down to 4C before midnight tonight; or before sunrise tomorrow? If it's the first, it doesn't really help anybody now, does it? If it's the second, then I guess I better carry my down jacket; if the third, I'll perhaps just come home early.

Forums > Living in Kunming > GoKunming feedback...

Curious about gokunming's weather forecasts - right now I read "11AM, 11C", plus humidity etc. All right, but the other numbers for temperature are 15C and 4C - do these represent previous temperatures between midnight and 11AM (i.e. that it went down to 4C this morning, after midnight last night), or predictions (i.e., that it will go up to 15C between now and midnight tonight and down to 4C before midnight tonight? I'm always confused, because the coldest hour is usually around 4AM.


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OK. but I think.I'd use 'they', for accuracy' - 'we' is too simple and too vague, besides which it seems to speak primarily to US and Chinese posters.

Anyway, note that, for the US military and government, the China theatre was considered the least important of the various theatres of WWII in which US military personnel were engaged, whereas for the Chinese it was, obviously, the most important.

TK2018: Yes, I agree. Very nice writing, not just of the place but also of the experience. I envy the author this one. In reading the article I found myself remembering a few experiences I've had in similar mountain country decades ago (I hope this doesn't sound like boasting) and thinking the author and I had attained more or less the same plane, something we could share if we met - I could identify. Not everyone can express it this well.



I'm not a health foody but the few meals I've had here have been really good and, yeah, I'll be happy to go back alone to sample all the rest of them. It's also not a bad place from which to people-watch the street below.