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Storm in a teacup, perhaps? At any rate I think the storm, although instigated by Miyamoto, was not difficult to respond to but was increased by posts which responded to him irrelevantly - to which he responded irrelevantly (off his own point) - to which responses were made that were irrelevant... etc. ad nauseum. Now it's become what Americans used to call 'a Federal issue', and the nature and extent of moderators' responsibilities are all a big question. Slippery slope.
Suggest we all make sure our heads are screwed on. Me too - too much blather all around - we do tend to like to hear our own voices.
My sympathies, Pat.

Forums > Living in Kunming > GoKunming feedback...

I appreciate Adrian's explanation, although I don't think more management of the forums is necessary. However, if you're going to do it, at least give us a working definition of 'troll', 'troll-like behaviour', etc.
@cloudtrapezer: didn't know the history of the phrase, what I meant was the literal act - i.e., real incitement to physically dangerous panic in the face of a phony threat. My sympathies are with Schenk & co., of course - my understanding is that millions of people wound up seriously disliking WWI, but that many who had opposed it had had their practical freedom of speech seriously impaired by others who were quite sure who the real bad guys were (i.e.: those other guys).

Then again, maybe they had been trolling.

Forums > Living in Kunming > GoKunming feedback...

@satirical: I'm not defending my attempted forum topic - I dunno, nothing crucial - but I agree that we should not all be requiring gokunming to deal with sometime-inabilities of posters to write, respond and discuss with common sense - we're not in kindergarten anymore, I don't think we need 'police' protection or teacher/minders with school rules, and gokunming has enough to worry about just running the website and producing good content. The topics are the POSTERS' attempts to produce good content, and the forums should be open to anyone and anything that doesn't lead to the closing of the website by external Overminders. Gokunming can judge when that point is passed - leave the rest to self-regulation in the fine tradition of anarchism, openness, respect and reason - & maybe occasional humor or something to keep everybody awake. It's not necessary to protest that everything is somebody else's fault. With luck we

can all grow up, and Frodo can send that damned ring back to Hell.

Forums > Living in Kunming > GoKunming feedback...

'sustained relevance' - ok, perhaps my bad wording, but while the concert will pass in a few hours, the orchestra isn't going anywhere and the group and its members can surely be considered part of the Kunming foreign community.

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The Book Club will meet again on October 10 at 6:30 at The Park to discuss Robertson Davis' novel, The Cunning Man.


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Admittedly, 'sponsored post' - okay, didn't see that, fair enough - but perhaps such might be separated from those called Articles (e.g.: 'Articles' vs 'Paid Advertisements').

And I think perhaps species-wide loss of intelligence probably causes air pollution - otherwise, how to explain all the things that are done that make it worse? To date, we're perhaps not a very successful species.



I'm not a health foody but the few meals I've had here have been really good and, yeah, I'll be happy to go back alone to sample all the rest of them. It's also not a bad place from which to people-watch the street below.