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You can also change trains at Guangzhou. If you really want to save money, take the ordinary train to Guangzhou that leaves every morning from Kunming main station. It takes about 25 hours. I've done it dozens of times, hard sleeper (I think middle bunk is best, nobody sits on it when you want to sleep) - I can sleep fine but it takes too long. Really cheap, of course, is to go hard seat, but I wouldn't recommend it.
Ordinary seat on the fast trains is excellent and roomy and I stayed interested most of the time just looking out the window. Even the food is okay, damn sight better than anything on an airplane - on the ordinary trains it's lousy.

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The part that's off the field isn't sport, it's competitive business, where the rules, such as they are, are manipulated by the 'winners' who draw power from their winnings. Whereas the football field remains pretty much a level one, regardless of the manipulative nature of 'business'. Sports competition, within the game, thereby remains a rather passionately defended ideal for hundreds of millions, within a social world that doesn't even pretend to come close to such an ideal. Something we might learn decency from.


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The SIT program was started in Kunming by the late Sam Mitchell and his wife Lu Yuan, and as far as I know it is still going. It's a very good program, though I can perhaps be accused of prejudice because I was associated with it for some time. The thing that inspired me to become so was the fact that many mere undergraduates, some with virtually no previous knowledge of China, were able, within a few months, to turn out such good field studies, the best of which approached work done on a Master's degree level. There are 3 published collections of the best of these studies available at Mandarin Books, all edited by Sam Mitchell (the 1st 2 of the series perhaps better than the last one, in my, and in Sam's, opinion).



I'm not a health foody but the few meals I've had here have been really good and, yeah, I'll be happy to go back alone to sample all the rest of them. It's also not a bad place from which to people-watch the street below.