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Forums > Food & Drink > chocolate that isn’t snickers?

It's a sad world without European chocolate especially in winter. But in UK and US is sad as well if you buy that sugary local crap.
Buy Ritter when you find it, or make your own Nutella (roast hazelnuts) with a fraction of sugar and you'll live happily longer. I've recently found an easier way to make it, by stirring cocoa powder in bitter organic honey.
As always, the trick to long life is in the melting pot. Learn from the locals by staying away from sugar, while sticking to your cravings for cocoa.

Forums > Living in Kunming > GoKunming feedback...

the events are getting less and less here. long term expats rely on wechat public accounts because they've been knowing venues for long, but certainly the new comer misses a lot by simply relying on GoKM.
Can you at least repost events organised by the Elephant book store and Nordica. this is really the least...

Forums > Travel Yunnan > High-speed train from Kunming to Dali

Are they crazy?! 32 minutes waiting time in Kunming station? What for? Having the male attendants going


to smoke one after the other one?
What a waste of money and resources. They build the fast railway network, but then it's managed like shit.


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Amazing to see how from the beginning of 2018, Yonganxing basically disappeared and Alipay took over the lead with its blue and white bicycles...
I'd like to see some battery assisted ones, as I found once in Chengdu. Still no sign of them here.

If it was picked up by bare hands, the human smell stuck on the animal would have prevented any "recovery" from the mother. Besides, how would a mother take back this baby to the original nest?? On her shoulder?! I am sure all these people teaming up to decide on this bird's fate must have had a look around the closest trees trying to spot a nest, but in general to me it sounds like nobody asked the local biology department for some advice !

Thanks for the info. I recently tried those in Guangzhou and Shenzen. They are great! No need to find a specific parking station. You just leave them anywhere you want and scan a QR code with the app. Through a geolocalised chip connected to the net they work like a charm. I guess the KM ones don't provide this option... And they will be small, suited for the standard Chinese body.


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