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Forums > Living in Kunming > COVID 19 vaccine for foreigners

A Turkish friend who teaches abroad from Turkey got his 2 Sinovac jabs at his embassy in early spring. Returning home this summer on holiday, he is already scheduled the Pfizer booster shot in August. Turkey seems to be rather advanced in this, with fully working contact tracing app and qr green codes for traveling.

Forums > Living in Kunming > COVID 19 vaccine for foreigners

bad organisation and cueus could be borderline acceptable in km, but it's annoying to know one old Chinese student who was given the vaccine in December to be able to go live in Germany where she's been throughout this year on an exchange programme.
this is a 6 months' delay not that easy to justify in terms of, i guess, missing id card number! At least the mobile and elderly laowai population should have been protected earlier, i reckon.

Forums > Living in Kunming > COVID 19 vaccine for foreigners

Certainly so, and a hint on how China keeps being more interested about business than culture made in original places like over here.

Doesn't do much justice either to science made in Kunming. The first Chinese mRNA vaccine is in phase 3 in Mexico and is made in town. I bet some of our laowais would have been happy to travel back home with that shot.

Gokunming should report on these matters as well as stating the number of monkeys culled for this same reason (and the thousands captive kept in Kunming for experimentation) to advance the understanding of pros and cons of living in Covid times...


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Yes, please. They are very much needed, both the craft ones, and the fruit and vegs ones. All animals products forbidden completely.

Amazing to see how from the beginning of 2018, Yonganxing basically disappeared and Alipay took over the lead with its blue and white bicycles...
I'd like to see some battery assisted ones, as I found once in Chengdu. Still no sign of them here.

If it was picked up by bare hands, the human smell stuck on the animal would have prevented any "recovery" from the mother. Besides, how would a mother take back this baby to the original nest?? On her shoulder?! I am sure all these people teaming up to decide on this bird's fate must have had a look around the closest trees trying to spot a nest, but in general to me it sounds like nobody asked the local biology department for some advice !


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