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Nah, the upgrade outside of China is going to be a pricey one not really worth, since it's anyway made in SZ, and not as brand new of a model as the one just out in the mainland.


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Thanks for the info. I recently tried those in Guangzhou and Shenzen. They are great! No need to find a specific parking station. You just leave them anywhere you want and scan a QR code with the app. Through a geolocalised chip connected to the net they work like a charm. I guess the KM ones don't provide this option... And they will be small, suited for the standard Chinese body.

Driving in KM is doable also for a foreigner as long as you are a skilled driver, so to avoid the bad ones around. If you are a northern European who keeps 20 meters safety distance between cars, then you'd rather give up.
Most foreigners choose more ecological means of transportation in town anyway. Alas the locals do not learn the lesson.
How about the ecologic cars on display at this auto show? The rest does not interest me.

And how about reinforcing feet binding on the bus drivers to see whether they become lighter on those brakes?

The location of this station will drive any average Kunming citizen crazy. It takes longer to get to the station than to the next province by fast train. People chose to travel by train because train stations are located at a closer location than airports. This won't apply in Kunming. That's really poor planning, regardless of those who say they think ahead of time and have located the station right there!


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