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Diaper Drive! Help buy nappies for in-need tots

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By most estimates, a properly cared for baby will go through between 2,500 and 3,000 diapers in their first year. When using non-disposable cloth, the amount of laundry required can be mind-boggling, especially when parents are looking after twins or triplets.

For the caregivers at the Infant Care Room (ICR) at the Kunming Municipal Child Welfare Institution, the laundry math typically looks a little like this — 2,500 diapers divided by (365 days in a year) multiplied by (y = number of babies) plus (n = number of babies over 1 year-old, multiplied by diapers used per day). Algebra is rarely fun. Dirty diaper algebra is somehow considerably worse!

For many years this was the mucky reality for the nurses and nannies of the ICR. They look after up to 30 babies at a time. A huge majority — they estimate 95 percent — are relinquished babies with special needs, many of which have gastro-intestinal problems. The ICR is managed by a foreign non-governmental organization called Sunrise Foundation. They have run the Infant Room since 1992 and in that time have cared for around 4,000 infants, striving to give them the best start possible in life.

With all those diaper needs, whilst cloth diapers are a better option for the environment, they often aren't absorbent enough for some of the kids' special needs. Moreover, time spent handling, washing and drying reusable versions is valuable time that could be better spent giving cuddles and loving care.

In response to this, an incredible group of local expats have launched the Diaper Drive. The aim is to have a fun, enjoyable night with some of the proceeds from the meal donated to the orphanage. Last year's Diaper Drive was held at Paulaner Brauhaus Kunming with the help of the local Rotary Club. It raised more than 10,000 yuan, enough to keep the ICR knee deep in clean diapers for the past six months.

But, the diapers are running out fast! The next Diaper Drive will be held with the help of Ozzie's on Friday, May 18 at 6:30pm. A mere 180 yuan will get you a slap-up meal with free-flowing wine and beer and entrance into a raffle with great prizes. Following the meal there will be an auction of items generously made available by Cachet Boutique Hotel, Paulaner, Ozzie's, Sofitel Kunming, Kai Wah Plaza International Hotel, Torch Coffee, Dangsters Dance Studios, Laowai's Paradise, Turtle Club, O'Reilly's Irish Pubs, and The Park.

Eating and drinking AND making a difference in the lives of these babies and their caregivers at the same time? It's hard to see the downside! Tickets for the Diaper Drive are on sale now. Contact Charles of Ozzie's at 15198785384 or add his WeChat by searching for 'Chazfb' to reserve your tickets now! Thanks Kunming!

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So these are non-reusable diapers? Are they just thrown away somewhere after use? What are they made of?


Choices, but non are overly Earth friendly anyway and like the article says "time spent handling, washing and drying reusable versions is valuable time that could be better spent giving cuddles and loving care".

OK, choices: but, exploitation of farmers and workers involved with cotton and avoiding the labor of washing diapers aside, who's making what kind of diapers for this NGO effort and what is likely to happen to them after being used in China?

are you for real? never seen pampers or buggies? not aware of the debate about disposable?

If you are, what's the answer to my question?

Buy a washing machine and give it to them.

think someone skipped straight to the comments without reading the article

Have it your way. There were no disposable nappies when I was a kid - and precious few washing machines - but nobody died. If you bought food it was wrapped in brown paper and carried home in a shopping bag. But go ahead and destroy the planet for the sake of convenience.

I don't know all that much about the debate over diapers, but according to the link redjon has provided, none of us should be wearing cotton anything.

wear animal and shark skin

Congratulations to Ozzie's, the Kunming Rotary and everyone who turned out for a great evening! The fundraiser pulled in more than 22,000 yuan — enough to buy diapers for the next 12 months. Great work Kunming!

Hope this was the better choice.

Yereth - would you please do an article on the Sunrise Foundation sometime. And if possible - post a wechat/alipay link for recurring or one-time donations?

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