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Forums > Living in Kunming > Naming your child

Not quite the answer you're looking for but I'll tell you the way me and my wife went with our son.

We gave him an English first and my family name but with his middle name which his grandparents gave him, we translated the written Chinese characters into pinyin and it works fine as a Chinese or English sounding word.

Forums > Living in Kunming > GoKunming feedback...

Although I'm not a major contributor as some may be on here, I still follow the forums as they do pop up with the odd genuinely useful piece of info.

As such I'd prefer the more real identity user names as Micheal suggested, hence my use of jon 77 in my avatar. Feels more trustworthy and useful when it comes to what people are saying.

Don't see what the problem would be using something like your wechat scan to register but then again, saying that, I think GoKunming maybe worried about losing a lot users if they go down that way.


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Too many to mention, any restaurant serving Dai food will have this on the menu and that type you'll find in any food area. One of my wife's fave dishes as she always orders without fail but for some weird reason I can't name a specific place :( I do know they have a couple of places in the Aegean mall local to me.
Check out the food delivery apps to as they have plenty of Dai food restaurants doing delivery as it's another place we get it.

Good to see the YCC expanding, being English and seeing kids all into basketball here is not too great. A little bit of encouragement from small clubs like this can help with sports diversity in the long run which can only be good, especially if you don't like basketball lol.

One day (if the fate of times shows mercy) I'll make it to one of their fundraiser curry nights ;o) Love a curry lol



Been here several times lately and every time I've enjoyed my meal. Don't know why some others have said it was pricey, the price has always seemed fair to me :)