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Forums > Living in Kunming > Hospital recommendations for giving birth

@Haali They seemed quite forward thinking when my son was born there Four years ago. Plus their aftercare with the regular checkups, vaccinations etc over the next couple of years was also very good.

Definitely wouldn't say backwards.

Forums > Living in Kunming > VPN:s still working?

Same as what JeHe1 & Ocean says with the Express now. Just only about 4 servers to choose from though, these they put on a recommended list for users in China.

HK - 4
Japan - 3
Singapore - San Marina Bay
LA -5

Always should do the reinstall to the latest versions of whatever VPN you use about now to.

Forums > Living in Kunming > GoKunming feedback...

@jj123 nothing wrong with some fun in posts. My opinion was just that, if maybe confusingly put. A light hearted forum feels better than a tightly run one.

And yes personal attacks should always be where the line is drawn. With multiple warnings a preclude to where the instigator is heading.

@viyida just for your update, I don’t care any which way whether Ishmael is in the forum. I just didn’t really get the whole week ban thing for his ‘crimes’.’

Did enjoy the William Wallace metaphor though :o)

Forums > Living in Kunming > VPN:s still working?

@john-doe1983 yeah I’ve been trying the recommended servers. Maybe the fact I’m using IOS that adds to my probs.

@Lanajot I’ve been trying with extreme patience lol.

Thx for the updates guys. I’ll try contacting them again as I did 3 days ago, I was actually able to connect for a day after that then the problem restarted.

Edit : just deleted my app and reinstalled it then used my wife’s code to sign in and it weirdly worked instantly. Fastest connection ever lol

Hardly technical but it’s done the job :o)


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@dolphin: "how come people who are descendants of people living in Siberia for centuries don't have furs on their skin?"

The Siberian point has no problems with the Evolution theory! I'll add this little quote to help clarify :

"Decreased body hair began in hominins over 2 million years ago and aided persistence hunting (the ability to catch prey in very long distance chases) in the warm savannas where hominins first evolved. The two main advantages are felt to be bipedal locomotion and greater thermal load dissipation capacity due to better sweating and less hair."

Modern day humans evolved from these guys but 1stly spread out through Africa - Middle East - Asia - Australia. None of these paths requiring a change in the way human evolution had been going regarding body hair. Only 40'000 years ago did they enter Europe during the last ice age but another wave had been going on through Asia and then finally Siberia just about 15,000 years ago and onto the Bering Strait and Americas.
Maybe the fact Europeans experienced real cold 25'000 earlier goes to tell why Europeans are slightly hairier than most as their bodies would've stopped following the thermal dissipation need in evolution as strongly. But my real point is with the Siberians you talk about here it is really obvious when you think about it.. 15'000 years ago when humans were just settling in parts of Siberia they had learnt many skills while coming up through the warm climes which would serve them well in Siberia and fool their bodies into thinking they were still in slightly warmer areas than they were. Obviously, fire is a big one but their knowledge of clothing would've greatly improved, not proving too hard to adapt to thicker clothing with more skill the longer they were there. Off the top of my head, I'd say housing would've of been another contributor to all this as well.

Basically, Siberians bodies stopped following thermal evolution only about 20,000 / 15'000 years ago, (which is not long in the evolution time frame) but unlike other animals, they'd learnt a few tricks on the way to slow any reversal that might start to show over time.

Oh, if you're going to talk of evolution please don't use the word... "centuries" lol. When people talk of land mammals evolving into water-based mammals (maybe 50 million years to what we know now) or apes to humans (maybe 10 million years to current humans from tree-living mammals) they're thinking slightly longer time frames ;o)

Anyway keep it up, I like evolution as a topic, what can be more interesting than thoughts of where we come from :o)

@Dolphin I'll give you the credit of saying maybe you're just up for a bit of trolling on an obviously easy issue to push ;o) but I'll slip in a few ideas regarding your thoughts anyway.

>'T Rex is not a real body shape as a creature like that would not be able to stand'
Just think of some modern day body shapes of birds of animals like an ostrich or a kangaroo. T Rex is just a pumped up unevolved bird, the mass might be bigger but so is the muscle to work with. Those smaller, weirdly shaped creatures have no problem with balance.

>the dinosaur factory is in Zigong, Sichuan'
It'd be totally weird if there weren't some fakes on the market! Think of practically every industry you can and they'll have some kind of fakes/dodginess around.

>'In an article titled "A Fossil's Trail From Excavation to Exhibit" one insider remarked that, "Through mold making and casting we can totally fabricate limbs, ribs, vertebrae, etc., for the missing pieces of an articulated skeletal mount.'
Amazes me when people dismiss 10's of thousands of scientifically published work but happily follow anything that has the slight sound of a conspiracy to it. Tell me you're not that guy lol.

>'I think evolution is nonsense.'
Wow lol. Maybe Dinosaurs you could have had a tiny something to argue with but evolution... No! You only need to look at an animal as close to humans as dogs to see how evolution works and then adding to common sense where you can listen to modern science with its DNA sequencing showing how close many modern animals are to each other and to ancient finds!

Evolution is just Marmite!

Too many to mention, any restaurant serving Dai food will have this on the menu and that type you'll find in any food area. One of my wife's fave dishes as she always orders without fail but for some weird reason I can't name a specific place :( I do know they have a couple of places in the Aegean mall local to me.
Check out the food delivery apps to as they have plenty of Dai food restaurants doing delivery as it's another place we get it.



Been here several times lately and every time I've enjoyed my meal. Don't know why some others have said it was pricey, the price has always seemed fair to me :)