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PandaBear (2 posts) • 0

Hi everybody,

I am curious how many English / language corners are currently being held in Kunming?

So far I've heard about three.
Monday, 8 pm at TGC Nordica
Tuesday, 8 pm at Moondog
Thursday, 8 pm Green Lake Hotel

something else?


steve2014 (33 posts) • 0

We are in Lin yu qiao of BEI SHI QU, northern part of Kunming.

We are planning to find a place and time for English corner, anybody has interest, please PM me. thx.

culture (51 posts) • 0

the best english in kunming is at shun city 1901 please check it out every wed night at 7 or call 152884527085 thanks

Magnifico (1981 posts) • 0

at one point, there was an ad for an english corner that looked like the poster for Mr & Mrs Smith.

i would definitely go to that one. if you're lucky, angelina jolie might ask you to stay after class.

langbear (17 posts) • 0

We started an English Garden at Nanya Mall, South Asia on Friday nights. Its located in a nice coffee shop, 3rd floor above Pizza Hut. 7 - 9 pm. Mostly young adults, discuss current life topics. All are welcome!

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