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Forums > Living in Kunming > to have babies in thailand

yeah that good info seahorse, I appreciate that, it is what we were looking forward to, it sounds like a good experience to have a baby in thailand since we were disappointed with the service here in china, thanks for the name of the hospital it helps for us to further our research.

Forums > Living in Kunming > to have babies in thailand

I heard there are many expats here in Yunnan go to Thailand baby birth, and I am looking to do the same thing, for the benefit of better facility and medical care. the questions are : How difficult is it and what might the procedure looks like, such as when to go, which hospital to contact and shall we drive or fly? how much money

are expected etc, thanks.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Do Kunming Drivers Know they are Inconsiderate and Dangerous

basically lots of these go back the the root of culture, ignoring others and hurting themselves at the same time, sometimes i just think they don't care about their life, that is ignorance! the worse thing i see all the time on the road is they text messaging while operating their ebike block everyone behind them and not looking at the road or pedestrians at all, it is one thing to talk on the phone, but text is dangerous! i simply do not know which is more important, a quick turn without looking, a text message to a friend, or your life! all in all, i just cant ever understand why they can just not have this common sense for them and safety of other. and when you beep at them they look at you and even yell at you acting like, why you beeping, what is wrong with you? how non sense is that?


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ok am i the only who noticed this? the one where it says the best madarin school actually did not write the well known chinese phrase "good good study, day day up" correctly, how ironic is that? so obviously to say eastern language and culture school is the best chinese school really is saying there are not that many competitions for teaching mandarin and that the school monopolize the market with offering student visas while other schools can't, just for the record it is haohao xuexi, tian tian xiang shang..... 好好学习,天天向上


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